Super Nerd Night - Tuesday 7/12 @ Rogue Ales Public House in SF

WHERE: Rogue Ales Public House - 673 Union Street San Francisco, CA 94133

WHEN: Tuesday, July 12th (7/12) from 7PM - Midnight (they close at 12)

WHAT: Super Nerd Night is a monthly gathering of a bunch of great people who just want to play games! There will be board and video games and the emphasis is on having a great time (saltyness and rage need not apply!).

A current fighting game tournament will be hosted (MvC3 was 2 months ago, MK9 was last month), but please keep in mind a majority of the participants are extremely casual players in it for fun, NOT HIGH LEVEL COMPETITON. There will most likely be a surprise prize for 1st place. It will be on Xbox, controllers and TE sticks will be provided, you’re welcome to BYOC though.

Aside from MvC3 there will be other video gaming in the back. Last month there was an Xbox setup and they were playing KoF98 (if memory serves), Little Big Planet, and there is a high demand for Super Turbo if we can get a setup arranged. I will be bringing my PS3 setup with 2 sticks/controllers and SSF4 AE, SSF2T: HDR, MvC3 and MK9.

Additionally I have a ton of old consoles with fighters that I’d be willing to bring along if there’s enough demand for such a thing.

Please keep in mind space is limited and the focus isn’t exclusively on video gaming, there will be plenty of awesome board games too!

Stop by, have some beer and lots of fun!

Age limit? Some people I play with aren’t 21. I know rogues is a restaurant, but are they turned into a bar at any point of the night?

I’m not sure if they’re strict about 21+ if you’re just hanging out (100% sure they are for the purposes of buying liquor), so you might want to call and check. The times I’ve been they haven’t had a bouncer at the door or anything.

Super Nerd Night is back this coming Tuesday, 6/14!

I might check this out. Sounds fun. Is there an approx time when the tournament will start?

This. Regardless, I plan to stop by and get some friendly games in. :smiley:

There actually wasn’t a tourney last time due to a lack of people (they were mostly playing board games). In April it was SLAMMED so they ran the tourney. Things tend to get started by 9 or 10 since the place closes at midnight.

In any case you guys should stop by for casuals and board games too!

May be interested, but I’ll have to check on the age limit thing.

I’ll stop by since I need the practice =D

An age limit would most likely only be imposed if you’re buying alcohol.

There’s not a whole lot of fierce competition (myself included in that statement…) just to warn you. Like I said in the original post the people at this gathering play for the lulz, not high level competition.

It’s cool, playing Falcomist is pretty lulzy since his chars are She-Hulk/Wolvie. =P

Don’t be dissin mah She-Hulk! She’ll smash you with her fist then an aggrivated assault suit! XD

Even though this is for lulz, do the tvs have lag? i dont lulz with lag

MvC3 is played on a projector… Not sure if there’s lag with that, but from my experiences it’s played pretty well.

Projector setups definitely have heavy lag, I might come through anyway for fun though.

Will there be an AE setup? Marvel is always fun but I like to get my SF on as well.

im already in the area so I’ll be stopping by.

GGs to everyone at the MK9 tourney. Had a blast!

MvC3 was pretty fun too. Who knew Logan/random/Phoenix could improve my game so quickly? XD