Super noob to street fighter, ultra wont work for me


im dumb, delete if possible.


How does I ultra? How is babby formed?


If you getting new to a game or fighting games I recommend the “Newbie Saikyo Dojo” here on the forums. Its a great place to start.

Otherwise your going down in flames.


Everyone starts off somewhere, so don’t feel dumb. Just make sure you read up on the info here and when you feel compelled to ask a question, make sure you ask it in the right place (and that you’ve exhausted the resources here to find an answer first). If you think it’s too noob for the IV boards, lurk the Saikyo boards linked above. If you’re having a specific issue with an ultra for a specific character, lurk the character’s sub-boards.

Good luck!

Locking the thread for you.