Super Pad 8 for Saturn - good for hacking?

I am about to build a couple of two player stick enclosures for my consoles, one with a six-button Street Fighter layout, and the other with a four-button Neo Geo layout. I was originally going to use Dual Shock PSX PCBs in the sticks, with converters to allow them to be used with my other consoles. However, I’ve had a tough time finding converters for my Saturn. So, I am looking at wiring the sticks to a DB-15 connector, and making two project boxes: one with two DS PCBS for all of my other consoles and PC, and a second with two Saturn PCBs for it.

I can get a couple of Performance Super Pad 8 pads for cheap locally. From the reviews I could find on it, it seems to be a good enough pad. If anyone can tell if it’s a good candidate for hacking, I’d appreciate the info. TIA for any feedback.

The Performance Super-8 was the first pad I hacked and I remember it being pretty straight forward without any difficulties. Just make sure when preparing the contact surfaces for solding to expose a good amount copper (scraping off the green stuff) and to roughen and clean off the surfaces so the solder can have a better “bite”.

Let us know if you have any difficulties. Happy hacking!