Super Pillow Fighter 2D- New 2d Fighter

Super Pillow Fighter 2D is a game I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s a 2D fighting game played with smash-rules. It’s got paper-doll animation, negative edge, Street Fighter 2-style movesets, and girls pillow fighting. Hot-seat multiplayer is available for up to 4 people.

You can check it out at the website, There’s some stuff like old YouTube videos and character profiles. There’s also a demo available! Go download it now and tell me if it works. You’ll need a decent computer with Windows 2k/XP (no vista).

If you’re going to be at Texas Showdown next week, I’ll have a table in the Artist Lane of the anime convention with the full game set up. You should swing by between matches to check it out or whatever.

Anyway, if you guys have any questions about the game or making a 2d fighter, feel free to ask!

wow that looks ultra-terrible

either make it better or like… dont show it off

Heh. That’s pretty interesting. More creative than a lot of hentai games.

Nice : ) Only a matter of time before somebody releases a nude patch to your game… ; )

Anyway, that skeletal animation system seems interesting. Does that mean you don’t have animated frames at all, and instead treat the 2d sprite collection like a 3d model in terms of animation?

haha, yeah that is the #1 most requested feature :rofl:

Yup, basically what I did was draw each body part from a few different angles, and they are swapped out/rotated at run time. It’s a 2d skeletal animation system, so it’s a lot like a 3d model. I’m debating whether or not I want to put the toolset I wrote for it out there with the game, but I’m afraid that if I do it’ll end up being another Mugen.

Well, the game is indy, so I don’t have any money to hire artists. I think it looks pretty good… but that is the #2 most requested feature, “hire an artist”.

fix the youtube links on the website.
interesting but unusual concept. I like the backgrounds. pretty sweet!

Damn, how did I miss the broken links?
Anyway, they’re fixed. Thanks dude!

Just FYI, but the blog link further down is broken too.

I have to give ya props for:

[]making a 2-D fighter with a 3-D graphics API like OpenGL! Nice. :smile:
]making this version of the game by yourself and you even did the artwork as well as the coding! :tup: (but it looks like you had a majority of the work done already when you did your group proj., right?)

Howd you handle sprite collision detection in this OpenGL environment, BTW?

Thanks dude! Doing a 2d fighter in OpenGL was actually really easy. I’m not using any advanced techniques at all, its all “OpenGL 101” stuff. It’s just creative use of a very small bag of tricks :slight_smile:

As for the art stuff, I kind of lucked out in that I’m a decent programmer as well as an okay artist. After seeing what Odin Sphere is doing with paper-doll animation though, I’m definitly hiring some artists for my next project.

I did collision detection using circle-circle stuff. Each body part of the character has a bunch of circles attached that determine the physics model of the characters. Circle-circle has the advantages of being faster and more scalable than bounding rects.

btw, In the final version of the game, I included an option where you can turn on a “Display Physics” option, which shows all the collision data, attack data, block frames, etc. There’s also an option to change from the precentage display to actual points. So if anybody really wanted to, they could turn on the physics data, turn on the points display, and slow the game speed down to 50% to really disect the frame data and gameplay. I figured high-level players would love a bunch of options like that.

Keep up the good work…interesting concept.

Isn’t basically skeletal/separate body parts animation what is used in most flash/vectoriel games (including games like glove on fight)… as well as Rumblefish now that I think of it?

major props.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. For every 5 kids who want go make a SSJ99 Goku, there’s at least one person who’s genuinely interested in 2D fighter design, but doesn’t have any programming ability.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot like what Rumble Fish has, but I’ve never played that game so I’m not too sure. It’s better than flash games, because they just rotate bitmaps, whereas my engine allows you to use several different bitmaps for the same body part and swap them in/out. Plus flash is really slow, like you won’t get 60 fps in a game with a lot going on.

BTW, don’t be surprised if all new 2d fighters look like this soon. It’s a lot lot easier and faster than spriting a whole series of animations. Like seriously, now that I’ve got all the tools done and know what I’m doing, I can do a character from concept to in the game and balanced, in like 2-3 weeks (without touching a line of code).

Maybe I will do the mugen thing. Like if you guys weren’t going to buy the pillow fighting game, would you buy it if you could download the toolset and do whatever the hell you wanted with the game?

Hey man, congrats on getting a release together. I will post up more when I get to check it out, but I already played the game project one so I look forward to this.

the demo you showed me of the body parts graphics engine was really cool, so I would love to get a look at how you set up your editor. Just some screen shots of it would be cool, as I’ve been spending most of my time making content editors lately.

Sure, here’s an old IOTD that I posted a while back at showing the layout of the model editor:

It’s really just a bunch of crappy MFC apps that I wrote. They aren’t pretty, but they get the job done. Some are better than others, like the finite state machine gui editor I wrote is FTW.

just saw this on ign

Yeah, I heard about that:
So while I was showing my game at the anime convention, they were showing their game at a huge party in London, with hot chicks pillow fighting. I mean, damn, now THAT’S how you launch a pillow fighting game!

I’m not too worried about it though. Their game is for cell phones, and it looks like a totally different type of game.

lol, nice work on the engine and not to bad of design. I would love to see your work applied to maybe non-smash type games. Im not much of a pillow fighting fan lol. I was just impressed of all the good work. Keep it coming.