Super practice opera results thread

3s teams
1st - justinw/mutantxp
2nd - flare/arturo
3rd - tinshi/hold dat

super turbo
1st - capmaster
2nd - john rambo
3rd - david doyle

1st - min
2nd - justin (forfeited)
3rd - sci

1st - bill
2nd - mike infinite
3rd - demise

1st - xaq
2nd - damian
3rd - zaelar

gg slash
1st - marlinpie
2nd - jamie
3rd - damian

1st - shotokansymphony
2nd - comeback
3rd - kyle kablisk

ill post up full results if i feel like it once im home

thank you to walter, nick t, sean, mike infinite, vic, kevin, phil and whoever else was running a tourney or brought stuff to the event


3rd for ST was Dave Doyle

Bill won mvc2 and mike infinite got 2nd… not sure who got third because that was probably the most boring marvel tournament i ever watched

damian got 3rd in gg singles…

Good games to everyone I played in either ST, or 3s. Thank you Min for running this event, and thank you CityofBrass for being such a monster as my 3s partner.

he’s so cool isn’t he?

soo cool we should call him culo

good shit bill… see you wed

Good shit to team 3 taking over the freeast coast. =O

bill vs bacardi MM

9-0 bacardi

suppose to be a first to 10 but we were holding up the tourney, told bill we can run it back at evo

LoL I got there madd late and entered in losers lol. We just ran all the way through good shit to everyone. GET HYPED SON!!! We have to record this shit next time.

sup tinshi… see that you and mr hold "low parry that shit "dat got 3rd good shit to both…:tup: see you guys on friday…

Good games to the people I played. I didn’t do so well in the tournament, but it was fun seeing everyone again.


culo = ass en espaniol… douche bags…

i’ll see u kids at evo east…

I was kinda dissapointed with a couple of things…

First of:

How the fuck is Tekken 5 $10 bucks and 1 winner only. That shit is maad shiesty! Alex Striffe kept saying that one person kept saying let’s have it at 10 bucks. Well one person shouldnt be enough to change the fee last minute. Very WEAK!!!

That incident made me not want to play in any other tourneys… but I said fuck it, I’ll just play the 2d’s.

In the 2 d’s 3rd strike appearantly was teams wich i didnt know. Not having a teamate made me not be able to enter.

So I said, aight fuck it, i’ll play GG singles. I also didnt know it was singles. Mainly due to the fact that on the thread it was promoted as ALL the games from EVO.
Evo has 3S singles and GG teams so I thought it would be like this…

So I go to sign up for GG. Dude tells me I can’t because he has a “full” 12 people backet. He tried explaining to me that the bracket was full and he could do nothing. I didnt even try to argue with him. Obviously I know how the brackets work since I’ve been running tourney since 2001. Dude must have really thought I was a dumbass…

So no T5, 3s or GG for me…

…Well I still had cvass 2… and thats when I realized…oh hell nah, Im really waiting all day to play this garbo ass game… I’m straight!!!

actually we got there late and started from losers bracket…so we did pretty good. I woulda kicked Justiin’s ass if i got there on time, Flare was ducking me lol, and i “LET” Arturo beat me. lets hope he doesnt see this lol but gg’s to everybody. as usual i have fun with you guys.

the bacardi/ustin/arturo/mutant xp trash talk was hilarious

See ya’ll at evo east

i got 3rd in marvel

also random james was the real winner of every tourney there, so on the results currently posted 1st is actually 2nd, etc

yo, is that dipset in the top 2? Yessir.

Can we get some competition this year?


Big ups to my man Bill. Good shit man!