Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Diamond Glitch

Does anyone have a video of this glitch in action? I remember seeing one floating around about a yr ago but I can’t seem to find it. I already understand this glitch and how it works. I just want the link for the video if anyone can find it. Thanks!

just flip the diamond when it lands.

go to youtube and look it up.

Already attempted Youtube and could not find it. Also tried video at aol and google.

They explain it here:

Wow, how many times do I have to quote myself?

:rofl: i just saw this thread and opened it by accident and was invited with the :rofl:'s you guys are awesome :rofl:

well i did all the research i could to help you and came up with nothing but ill still look out for it.

someone could just tape themselves performing it…

I dont know if this is it or not because I dont play this game all time (i have played it) but a simple fucking google search was enough…

Lazy fuckers…