Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo! Building Your Power Gems Strategy Thread!


Let me be the first to say that this is one of the best puzzle games ever. Ken and Donovan may have the best patterns in the game but, they CAN be defeated by ANYONE. Here’s an easy strategy on beating these 2.

Donovan - He mostly drops yellow on the left side second row from the wall. All you have to do is stack your yellow in he very first row on the left side and when Donovan breaks his gems, he will send the majority of yellow blocks on the second row left hand side. This strategy is for players that like to build there blocks on the left hand side and stack it up.

Now here’s a strategy for players that like to build on the ground and go across the screen. All you have to do is stack 2 sets of yellow where the red blocks will fall. When that happens then the empty spaces between the yellow blocks will be filled with yellow blocks which will result in you having a really big power block going from one side of the screen to the other. I ike to call this the giant Twinkee.

Now here’s a very easy trick on beating a very good Ken player. Believe it or not build your red blocks in rows 2 & 3 from the left hand side 'cause Ken will ALWAYS drop red blocks on a little power block bust and sometimes he will drop at least 2 green blocks along with the red blocks. Then when you see a color that just keeps coming down then build that color in the very first row from the left hand side. Eventually that color will keep coming out so when you bust your giant red power block that you made and you still didn’t finish off your opponent then start building that same color that you made in row one from the left hand side and build it in row 2. You’ll have another very big power block in no time. While the Ken player is trying to make room from the top of his screen to clear he will eventually send red blocks on your side but you STILL should keep building that color in row 2. From my years of playing this game Ken is very easy to beat. I will post more stratgies on different characters later. And later on in this thread I will teach you guys a trick in this game that I have dicovered a few months after this game had came out. See you guys later for now.


Ken is the best in the game. You must play ppl that break little gems without chains. Otherwise, Ken never sends more than one row or red at you at stops the building with the green which lands right on top of it. These strats work…especially against beginners but as a general rule, you NEVER break little weak crap and you watch when you counter to ensure this also. That should be a standard part of your strategy when playing as Ken. He is the best in the game. Donovan is a decent second although at most, it only takes 2 bombs to clear your middle if he drops a shitload on you. Playing against a “good” Donovan is much easier because you can easily build against both the yellow and the red.

Anyway, PuzzleFighter talk is good:) Shoulda made a sequal to this.



Can anyone explain the “power diamond” or something like that?


It’s just a gem that breaks the color you put it on anywhere on the screen.


Actually, the “power diamond” is a glitch. Normally, destroying stuff with the diamond doesn’t send as much crap to the other side as it would have if you had destroyed it normally. But there’s a way to make the diamond send out the same amount of stuff…forget how to do it though.

Josh the FunkDOC


Yeah i remember reading about the glitch but i forgot how it was done and i was just wondering if anyone can help me out :slight_smile:


You are correct, I mentioned this in the end of my very first post. I was the very first to discover this trick with the diamond and then the trick had spreaded out all across the countries and states.


there’s really no need for strats against other characters since they suck. this is the most top tier favored game ever… lol. ken and donovan are too good but my favorite char is… morrigan. don’t under estimate her she has some pretty good tricks up her sleeve.
oh and who were those guys playing during evol2k2 at xcape. they were pretty damn good. there’s been talk of having a mini puzzle fighter tourney at these gatherings but with all the excitement it always gets forgotten :frowning: . i think there was enough interest and people there to have atleast 12 players in a mini tourney… ah well there’s always next year. maybe a little pre planning and we’ll actually pull it off.


Well Ken, he is just easy to use. Dovonan, Hsien-Ko are all said to be very powerful if you “know how to play with them”. Morrigan is worth mentioning too.

Imo, its really hard to post up strats for this game cause alot of random stuff happens during match. I mean as long as you know the character’s pattern types, you know how to set yourself up in a positition to counter them. Some patterns are just harder than others to counter unless you REALLY know them.

Besides Akuma and Devilot(sp?), the bosses, Ken is the best normal character in the game to just “pick up and destroy” peeps with.



I was at X-Cape playing. All I played was a couple people. I think Taco-Chan and her bf was there. Yea there were some pretty good people there. I’m stuck here in Washington. Puzzle Fighter is still one of my favorite games! As you can see from my screen name. I was more interested in going to EvL for puzzle fighter competition cuz I think I’m better in that than in CvS2. Whenever I looked at the machine, there were only scrubs playing most of the time. >_< I think it’s kinda lame for the person to wait for the other to attack. I mean sure it’s a way to win, but I’d rather lose to a 7 chain than someone who just sits there with their 4th column open and piling up one color. Kinda like MvC2 runaway storm, awesome strategy, but not impressive to me. Just my opinion.



What times where you there? I played, and got about 10 wins, until people stop playing me, and I went upstairs.


I like to avoid breaking any of the bombs for awhile. So when you break something, then all these weird combos start happening. :stuck_out_tongue:


I havent played this game in like 2 years. I thought that everyone stopped playing this game.


I would love to see a SPF2T tourny. I wonder who to talk to, if we want to make one?



I was playing on Sunday during the CVS final 8. I knew it was going to be the same stuff I’ve seen earlier so I figured I’d skip out and check out the Puzzle Fighter competition. I was there till Ken got 4th place.


LOL. Yo, I’m not saying that you didn’t find this on your own. But if you did? It’s old news and it didn’t come from you. It came out of Vegas and I told all of the top players and we held a national here which made it spread further. It was discovered by a player here named Doug. Good try. It’s one thing to say you found something. It’s another to say that it spread from you when you had NOTHING to do with it. In fact,this trick was posted years ago right on this site after it had already been known very early.




I’m planning another national event. If there is interest enough, Vegas ol skool PF players would love to challenge peeps. Last national Vegas took all top spots including 4th by my ex-gf=) So the comp here is top notch. Kenny here messes around and tries to find comp but seriously, he hasn’t found any real competition that could take him in a tourney. If you guys are interested in checking players like that out, I’ll keep you posted and maybe we can do another one here in Vegas.

GummyDrop ownz you all:P



Damn Apoc, this is marco…remember me from worlds finest? Anyway, i wish i knew about that national tournament you had. Me and my friend were unbeatable all around cali on puzzle fighter. We had lots of strategies and for the longest time we were the only 2 people who knew about the power gem glitch. We hit 7 chains on command all the time.

Well here is some starter advice on the game…

  1. Get ahead, always hold down on the controller. Whoever is the fastest should win everytime because the computer always gives both players the same gems. For example, if you were slow and about to lose, the cpu can’t help you by giving you the gem you need.
  2. When you set up a big combo, make sure the last break in a combo is a big gem. The later the combo the bigger the attack.
  3. Never break red with power gem against ken. Break the second row color ken sends…i think its yellow.
  4. Dont break until you get to the first power gem…then decide what to do.

Here is the power gem glitch. Send it down a vertical space at least 2 rows tall. Before the gems set, press the button so that the gems will switch vertically. This will make everything that color break at normal damage. Try using it to start a combo.


Hey sup Marco!(do I remember you? Why do you always ask that? heheh) Sorry I didn’t have so much time to chill at Evo. The bigger these things get, the more spacey my head gets, heheh. It seems like I end up seeing most ppl once and then never again the whole weekend:/

There’s a lot I still have to go through as far as planning stages go for our tourney but, I hear a lot about puzzle fighter at every major tourney. I’ll definately pm you if you’re still feeling competitive at PF and we decide to have a tourney for it=) We haven’t played it much here lately( I stopped years ago after the tourneys did but Kenny and John are still more than, anyone that I’ve seen, can handle). Every major Kenny goes to(and his brother) it seems that ppl are only at a beginning level on the game(they can chat and make jokes and literally toy with anyone). I play very rarely but simple strategies seem to own across the board. At least, it’s seemed like that for the last couple of years. So if you still got your game, a lot of players out here would love the challenge=) We’re looking at winter or spring break. I’ll let you know.



:lol: :lol: You may have found out the “diamond trick” at Vegas but, I was THE very first to know about the “diamond trick”. I found that out on my own a couple of months after the game came out. It probably hadn’t gotten to you then. Also, your rows DO NOT have to be tall in order for the “diamond trick” to work. You can have 2 rows of 2 blocks stacked on top of each other and place the diamond in between them and flip it and it still works. Nice try, sport.