Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo GGs Thread

Since Every other game has one, this might as well too…

Post your Good Gane sessions with your friends, or give respect to someone who just shoved a Puzzle fighter Gem up your A**, and showed you how the game is really played…

I’ll start:

Good Games to SweetJohnnyV. You definately shoved a gem up my a**, in the but kicking you gave me! GGs!

Dude can build like no other!

LOL! Thanks man:lovin: GG’s to you too!

GGs to all…jd105 GG!

i got a couple of friend invites, i wonder if it was anyone from here, so let me know cause im not one to jsut randomly accept friends on my account…

bokbok: Good games. Might be time I started using someone else other than Chun Li. :wink:
Did you ever get to play #1 before?