Super Puzzle Fighter XBL

Anybody playing this?

The question is: Who isn’t playing this?

Ken is still a god even in “rebalanced” mode… I played all night… so beware… there is going to be a lot of ken v. ken if you want to win…

I played a lot, for like, 2 hours in X’ Ranked (from like, 3:40AM-5:40AM central time). I’m HNana obviously, and i used only Chun. To those i played, gg’s, that is, if anyone i played is even reading this.

Yes, I was thinking about how in spite of the thing being rebalanced, I was playing Ken in response to a Donovan player. I went to Sirlin’s website and read his rationale for why certain characters were changed, and it all makes sense on paper. I’m hoping that it checks out in actual play. If not, they could potentially tweak this version of Puzzle Fighter with the occasional update (since it is an XBLA game) if players continue to only play Ken vs DOnovan

i play…Morrigan bitches! add me

Was I the donovan player? LOL… Fatboy SRK?

Anybody else disappointed with the character graphics? I was expecting some HD models but we have only got bigger versions of the old sprites. The gems look great though and using elements is a good thing.

Add Arpharmd B.

I’ll be on 2nite.

Been playing a lot lately, just getting into it now though.

GT is SonGohanX

Ive been online. Mostly playing Akuma so far. Ill be on tonight.

I’m also up for some games.

I’m also down for some action tonight. Feel free to add me for some well free beat downs :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’ve played anyone from here, but if so GG’s. Look for me online or send a friend request.

Played some more games tonight.

Hnana, I think I was about to play you but then we got dc’d :confused:

Man I love this game.

Add meh hoes.


I’ll probably be on. Too bad about the actual characthers weren’t redone but oh well.

I had never played this game before buying it, so I’m still not sure exactly which characters are better, and why, but I use Ken anyway.

Historically, Ken & Donovan were the best because they have the least horrible drop patterns. Well, actually, Akuma nd Devilot have the best, but they dish out reduced damage, hence, Ken & Donovan being the 2 best characters to pick.

Sirlin changed the drop patterns of almost everyone (except KEn & DOnovan). Go to for more info

Beats me, for all I know you could have been.

Anyone else had this problem?

When I go to ranked matches, it will just sit at the refresh screen? Won’t load up any players and I have to go to the dashboard to get out of the screen??