Super Quick Request

All I want is just MagMan in a brighter type of cool purple font somewhere in the avatar I currently have. That would be all ^_^.

well i took it upon myself and did some other stuff too. your current AV is skewed a lot… so i just used a crop instead. let me know if you want me to change it.

Whoa that’s awesome! Good shit. Is there any way you can get the hand in there with the flash? That would be beyond badass.


There’s the original image if that helps.

Don’t mean to double post, but if you can’t get the hand in then I’m happy with the first one. The only problem is that it exceeds the limit and I can’t use it for now…could you make it slightly smaller or something so that I can use it? Thanks a bunch man.

ahh i knew there would be an issue with teh file size… ok…

but the hand is too far from her head… you should get prem for a month and just set your AV. =D

try this one

Thanks man! The shine is so piff, good work :bgrin: .