Super Revo ''GGPO'' Tournament X1



Super Turbo Tournament!

[]No Akuma
]Turbo must be set on default
[]If you’re caught cheating/macros/turbos instant DQ
]No Character Lock
[*]Bad Sportsmanship is instant DQ
We’re locking the tournament at 32 Player’s, We are still looking for a time and date suitable for everyone. Suggestions are welcomed and debatable. Brackets are not finalized till tournament day! People who are reserved get in regardless. If you’re not present someone else ‘‘WILL’’ take your place

Day: Dec, 10th(Sat) 2011
Time: 12PM EST

  1. O_*
  2. Danger S Papercut
  3. Sabin
  4. Starkilled/Steven_Grigsby
  5. Mad_Zero
  6. Grog
  7. 1wagonaxle
  8. Ultracombo
  9. DSinnie
  10. RealDecoy
  11. -TheBastard-
  12. Fudd
  13. InfinityCode


Sign me up baby girl! You know I’ll hit the sides and work the middle.


Don’t make me ban you from future tournaments the trollings not funny.
Cause I’m not gonna deal with your shit if you start shit during the tourny.


You can’t ban me. I’m what the people came to see baby! Now shut up and sign me in, befo the back of my hand gets the itchin. You don’t know what time it is.


Okay that actually made me laugh but leave it on the forums don’t wanna hear it on ggpo.


what is considered “Bad Sportsmanship”?


Trolling telling them they suck stuff like that shit willdestroya and ritual do


Sign me in please, I would love to join.


sign me :stuck_out_tongue:




I would like to be a part.



You were added dsin


Add me please. Thanks.


Sign me up.



i would join but that’s way too early, that’s like 9am


Read the fine print you wouldn’t cut it.

cheating/macros/turbos instant DQ

But you’re more then welcome to join still if you’re up early enough these aren’t finalized brackets consider them like slot reserves.


I’m out. I don’t get off work till 4pm on that day.


No thanks, im done with the ST drama. If you cant show common courtesy then im not going to play in your tournament.


I have no courtesy for a player like you, you’ve been caught cheating, you talk a lot of crap and get beat up badly.
No one should have respect or courtesy for you. Stick to using turbo’s then playing real players.

The dates still set in motion for the tournament on the 10th, no one has objected to it.


I`m in girl