Super Rock Box Presents " Art of Ansatsuken" (Ryu only)


Updated Info

Basically same rules

O.Ryu or N.Ryu
3/5 matches
char locked ( choose carefully )
Tournament Date May 31st @ 10pm


o.o;; aww, I was really hoping cammy.


I got some ideas for tourneys:

Shadaloo Open: Boss Characters
New Challengers Open: self explanatory
World Warrior Tournament: instead of ryu mirrors, original 8 WWs.
Low Tier Ratio Tourney: Same as the normal ratio but, only 5 points, ratio 2 and below.


I like those ideas. But I also think the Ryu mirror should happen as well. Ryu mirrors is the best match in the game. If street fighter launched with only 1 character, Ryu would be the only character that would still make SF2 a hit. Best mirror in the game, period.


here i thought u wouldnt give me ideas but you do good stuff i’ll use it after the Ryu Mirror tourney


updated info


We need a Gief-only tournament, too:
PS: open it on Youtube and hit “like”.


Gief mirror tourney works well, on the japanese/american rom…

on the world rom… old gief has the magic SPD. … would we ban that? would that make o gief too OP?


Eventually, let’s do an akuma only tournament too. But the location of the tournament will be secret :stuck_out_tongue:


Classic SF2 Open: Guile vs Ryu
Ball of Fire Open: FB characters only
Actual Fighting Open: Non-FB characters
Combo City Open: Ken, Blanka, Fei, Dictator, Dee Jay
Cold War Open: Ryu vs Gief
Charge vs Motion Open: Like Ryu vs Guile but Chargers vs Motion
1993 Open: Old Characters, Turbo 0
Air Grab Open: Ken, Chun, Gief, Guile, Claw, Cammy, Fei
Sheng Long Open: Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Hawk (DP characters. Cammy and Fei are questionable).
QCF Open:qcf fb characters: Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Dhalsim
DB,F+P Open: Guile, Dee Jay, Chun
FB+DP vs DB,F Open: Ryu/Ken/Sagat vs Guile/Chun/Dee Jay
El Matador Open: O.Sagat vs Boxer
No Bad Matchups Open: Claw, Boxer and Chun
Femme Fatale Open; Chun, Cammy, Claw
KFC Open: Jab Select Blanka, Fierce Select Boxer, Dee Jay, Hold Select Guile, (Fierce Select Sagat?)

Some of them are redundant but whatever

EDIT: The KFC Open is mine. You can’t have it.


classic sf2 was only guile and sim. no other characters in original sf2 could compete. source, I’m really old.


ultra is in spirits now of giving me ideas lol how nice


But all ideas are taken under consideration thank you very much for your support


To be fair, CE was just Bison, Guile, Dhalsim. HF was a lot more balanced, but I guess if you want to tier-whore it up, it would be Ryu, Sagat, Blanka, Guile.


OK I don’t care about any of your dumb criticisms I just want my KFC Open.


Confirmed: ultracombo likes black on black violence.


Ryu mirrors you say? Count me in!


I’m pretty sure you could do well with Gief, Honda, Boxer and Chun. Boxer has really stupid dizzy BS in that game. Ken is also very strong with his option-selects + chains.


double post


Go n read some history books, dummy