Super Ryu Fighter IV

I know everyone goes off about Kens, but all I see online is Ryu, all day every day. I LITERALLY went back the last 30 matches and 7 out of every 10 were Ryu. Am I the only one who gets bored fighting the same matchup forever?
This isn’t me complaining about losing or anything either, I win more of these matches than I lose. It’s just so insanely boring!
Don’t tell me I’m the only one experiencing this. I’m in NYC btw, if location makes a difference.
It is because Daigo is winning tourneys with him? They just follow like sheep?

oh snap looks like you just answered your own question

your not the only 1

Same here, I roll my eyes every time I join a ranked match and they choose Ryu. Over the last week I fought a lot more unique characters like Gouken and T.Hawk, so maybe as you move up in play level you run into people who have branched off from learning the game as Ryu.

They play as ryu mainly because he is soo easy to use has good pokes and insane priority.

Yeah I think I have to move up… I get frustrated facing the same crap over and over and impatient, and end up losing to dumb shit. I really preferred the old way of leveling up, in Champ mode, a lot better than this new ranked.

Its actually been different for me. Try Endless.

He wants to rank up some PP and BP,Endless doesnt help.

Don’t worry mate your not the only one. I roll my eyes and sign in disgust when i play rank and see ryu or ken. all i can say is "way to take the easy way out "