Super Ryu Simulator! A 4 Player local fighting game!


Ryu Simulator is a local multiplayer game which is up to 4 players (gamepad only) who fight to become Evo Champ! The controls are very basic and easy to figure out.

Game Features!
-air fireballs!
-more then one fireball on screen!
-has elevators!
-play with yourself!
-revenge gauge!
-play with others!
-a Ryu.
-or multiples Ryu! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-and many more!

I got salty playing SFV. So I made my own Street Fighter.
Warning this game is in alpha sta… blah blah blah… Very buggy game and no sound. I made it in roughly two weeks and just freestyled everything.

Download link here:


This game is terrible, like why am I able to do anything OTHER THEN HEAVY SHORYUKEN

Whiffed shoryken/10