Super Sad People


Thread dedicated to those souls out there who seem to enjoy making others lives miserable.

Gamertage “Mytechnic” who’s clearly about 12 years old. Bloke joins my lobby, plays as Guile, taunts me after a throw then manages to lose both rounds to me - So, not wanting to bother with jump/throw spamming taunting Guile who likes using wakeup Ultras and playing Sonic-Boom lolame game on 2-bar connection I leave and continue quietly.

Starts sending mail about how he felt that me leaving = He was a better player and I’m a coward. So I calmly laugh at how taunting then losing the whole match and me leaving doesn’t make him the better player - And now he’s been sitting in my lobby for about 30mins with the laughing icon on and READY, only reason I’ve left it is because he kept rejoining anytime I kicked him out so I typically find that putting them on ignore and buggering off for a cup of tea usually gets them bored enough to fuck off and leave the lobby in time.

Honestly, some people.

So, who got your goat recently?


thats just sad, i mean, kids these days… Its as if they have infinite patience for stupidity.
I have only been playing online for a couple of days and i dont think anyone has annoyed the hell out of me, but it sure is annoying not finding anyone to spar with.


that sounds pretty lame. He’s not worth playing.


Fun little trick you can pull:

Choose Match Settings, and then press B to cancel immediately (i.e. don’t change anything, just back out of it). This turns off their Ready indicator. If you mess with him long enough, he’ll get even more annoyed and likely leave.