Super Saturday Results

Capcom vs SNK 2

1 Makaveli
2 Chris
3 Corey
4 Danny
5 Miguel D.
5 Bagheart
7 Jeremy H
7 Guru
9 Brian
9 T-Dot
9 Nef
9 Bishmer

Super Street Fighter II Tubro HD Remix

1 Sabre
2 Billy
3 Said 3S
4 Bagheart
5 Ryan Chapman
5 Asian Hybrid
7 Brian
7 Munchi
9 Ali
9 Ken
9 Dorion
9 Bishmer
13 Nef
13 Dreamvision
13 Guru
13 E-Kim
17 Wall
17 Mat
17 Jeremy H
17 Saikyo
17 God Saw

Dead or Alive 4

1 DrDogg
2 Hunter
3 God Saw
4 Mike B.
5 Rogue Slayer Zero
5 Blu

Tekken 5 DR

1 Paul B
2 DrDogg
3 Dom
4 Eric
5 Jeremy H
5 dj faka
7 Justin
7 Bishmer

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1 Said 3S
2 dj faka
3 Mat
4 Saikyo
5 Shane
5 T-Dot
7 Chris
7 Danny

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1 Joe
2 Danny
3 Ali
4 Sir Bryan
5 Andrean
5 Anthony H.
7 Chris

There was a Battle Fantasia side tournament that happened, but I did not get the results for it. So, for the person who has the results for the tournament please go ahead and post them.

Just copy pasting my post from the AZ thread in case the qcf staff dont read it:

gg’s to everyone yesterday.

a;ways a pleasure to see the tucson crew in full force. wharron, blarron, jeremy, abe, matt. It really is awesome seeing tucson come alive in recent months.

it was cool to see a couple new faces as well.

gg to everyone on HD remix, and good shit to billy for actually taking me to losers and having me step up my game in finals. I was really hoping for fei only to win, but all your mains counter fei =( well except maybe gief, even then you still won that matchup. damn yous!

Good shit to all the winners of their respective tourneys.

One thing i was extremely disappointed with in the tourney was the fact that 3s and mvc2 tourneys were pretty much dead in the water since they were starting too late and people had other things to do, and everyone dropped out. There were many people there that wanted to volunteer to run brackets and get the tourney over with. Let this be a lesson, people want tourneys to be done as fast as humanly possible. Then afterwards, its all casual fun, or they can head out with other plans. There were so many setups and volunteers that running more than 2 tourneys should not have been a problem. Plus you got people that drove from an 1 1/2 hours away(tucson), so you have to take them into consideration on getting stuff done quickly. I felt bad for abe especially, since all his 3s comp was gone by the time the tourney started.

Other problem i had, was when we were told at last possible second, that akuma was banned, when jeremy picked him. Maybe its just the organizers not really in the know with HD and the scene, but akuma is not warranted a ban. There is NO PROOF that he is ban worthy. Just because damdai and random idiots on srk say he should be banned(with no proof), does not make it gospel. Akuma is not ban worthy until you see weak players winning tourneys or consistently beating top players. And so far, that has not been proven. Damdai may be winning all EC tourneys with akuma, but it proves nothing. why you ask? because damdai is a skilled player already that was winning tourneys in regular st with gief, of all characters. You don’t know whether its the player(damdai) or the character(akuma) thats winning these tourneys. If he was a garbage player winning, then thats good proof to start with. This woulda been a good tourney to test the akuma waters since there were some entry level players, and if they used akuma and got far or won, it woulda been great info to determine if akuma needs to be legitimately banned or nerfed via a patch.

But those 2 negative aspects aside. The tourneys that were running, were going fast and smooth, and that room/area is pretty nice. I had a good time. I just hope in the future, improvements, just on the 2 things i stated, can be improved. Other than that, good job, fun times!!!

GG’s to everyone who i played at the tourney, it was lots of fun! Thanks to scooter for being the only one who beat me in the HDR tourney. I appreciate that you single-handedly destroyed my chances of winning.

I have to agree with scott about running the tourney… there were plenty of peeps who wanted to help out (me included) and we could have gotten things done faster. I feel bad for TY and John cuz they didn’t get to compete in 3s and they made the trip for nothing.

Other than that, thanks to the QCF guys for putting this thing together… the tucson crew had lots of fun… even tho we were missing a usual mainstay (cvs2 champ ROCHUS).

Hope to do it again soon! :tup:

O, another note: I was sad that there was no appearance made by ROBB! You had your other devastation buddies (brian – great to see you, by the way) show up but you couldnt make it yourself. Damn, you didn’t wanna say whats up when you came to tucson, then i show up in phx and you didn’t… how sad. :arazz:

EDIT: Where are the finals vids???

I had a great time at the tournament! I second the issue with Akuma, yet I cannot comment on the other tournies being late because I left after HDR. I’m happy with my placing, and I hope everyone keeps me in the loop for the next go around.

EDIT: Looking at the results again, I see that I was ranked above Ken (Ryan Chapman = 5, Ken = 9) in the HDR results. However, I could have swore that Ken won more battles. I was either 3-2 or 4-2, I think. Do you guys have the actual brackets that you can post?

I will have the videos up as soon as I can

I will post the bracket for you to see as soon as I get a chance.

First, of all I would like to thank everyone for coming yesterday. And Sabre thank you for the advice, for when I decide to host another tournament. I did see the problems that happened yesterday and will keep it all in mind so that the next one will be better than this one. I apologize for the later start on some of the tournaments and for the late ban on Akuma in HDR. I will work harder next time so, that the next tournament will be better than yesterday.

And thanks again,

Battle Fantasia was run round robin. Results were (I believe)

1: djfaka
2: Saikyo
3: Everyone else

Thank you

Good Tourney…

I only had one small think i would have tweaked aside from what has been mentioned above. I would to have liked to have seen a bracket system for CVS2. I know that you had one on the PC but i got called 2 times to be both in CVS and HD remix at the same moment. Stuff happens but i think that might have helped to give some of us an idea on when we are up next to help it run a bit smoother.

Aside from that, i had alot of fun. Good Job! I’ll be at the next one!

UCC: its cool dude, i still had fun regardless

That’s good.

yeah. I would have to say that this was one of the best QCF tournies yet. Had man fun, and the HD remix comp was really good.

I’ve just come to AZ, and it was cool meeting people and chilling. Pity a domestic crisis came up and I had to miss Tekken. Hope I get to play/kick it with you guys!


Anyone from this Saturday live in Avondale, AZ? I need some players to come and kick it so we can improve our game.

Good job to all the participants, and for Sir Bryan representing the OG Pac South!

Hey, what are the rules regarding posting pics of tournaments? I have a pic of Billy playing Saber that I found funny because it was a pre-tournament pic. I was going to post it, but then I realized that there might be rules about this sort of thing. Thoughts? Comments?

Also, does anyone have Billy’s brother’s contact info? He was one of my losses, and I’d like to try to track him down to get some games going.

You should be good, so go ahead and post the pics that you have.


I did not know Billy or Scott before the tournament. I was sitting around playing them before things started. When I got home, I saw this pic on my phone:

I laughed because I noticed they were in the finals together. When I was playing with them, I was thinking, “If this is the caliber of the players here, I’m going to really have to step up my game.”

I enjoyed this tournament and will probably be at the next one so long as there’s some 3D love.

Hopefully next time SC4 will be on the main roster and we can get a Puzzle Fighter tournament going as well. :wgrin:

Hey guys! Thanks for all the support and advice regarding the event. And of course, thanks again for coming out! Sorry it took so long, but here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: FINALS VIDS!!! Links below, and pics coming soon!

Capcom vs. SNK 2

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Tekken 5: DR

Dead or Alive 4

SSF2T: HD Remix
Part 1: [media=youtube]I-16gVJASbI[/media]
Part 2: [media=youtube]0_xxUZqu6X4[/media]

that was fast. good shit goof. thanks!