Super Secret SFIV Character Unlocked!



gah thats cute =D

Top Tier, GTFO Sagat.

Wrong forum… >=(


haha, awesome. IT’S PUPPY FIGHTER. :bgrin:

not going to lie, this was better than Smash vs the Fighting world



… I won’t lie I grit my teeth when I saw the pic… but then I sort of lol’d.

cool thread bro


:lol: whats his Ultra ? :bgrin:

Hahah. :angel:

I definitely want to unlock all of the alternate colours!

how much did that dog cost?

seeeriously…it’s like…every couple days.

im really surprised it took that long for this

2003s get one :slight_smile:

there’s no way Sagat can fire a Tiger Shot at him.

That’s rather adorable. I’m sure he’ll be a seasoned fighter in no time.

Also better than the Evolution of Fighting Games thread.