Super Setups

Hmm. Bored so I thought I’d do this. Yamazaki is like one of the only characters I actually have fun playing in CvS2. Some people have problems setting up his supers (the Yondan Drill/grab super, and the Guillotine/anti-air super).

Here are some suggestions:

*My classic strategy is once I have a super available, I pump the s.roundhouse. This is hard to get around and people eventually resort to jumping in, whence I plant their face into the ground. Well-timed rolls can shoot this technique in the foot (literally even), but you can counter it by NOT s.roundhousing and headbutting them instead. S-Groove can dodge and counter, which is actually harder to deal with, but you can switch to c.roundhouse and hit most of the counter attacks. P/K need skills to get around this. P groove might try to parry your Guillotine. Counter this by just doing Drill instead :evil:

  • Tick headbutt them once. Easiest way to do this is to make them block a c.forward from fairly close then headbutt. This is a great way to setup a super, because you run up to them and now they’re scared. What you do here depends upon reading your opponent. Fortunately, since they’re usually scared at this point, it’s pretty easy. If you expect a DP or something on wakeup, just block and hurt them. Best way to do this if all things are even is not via super or even B&B combo, but another headbutt, which knocks them right back down. If you think they’ll block, don’t headbutt. Do another low forward. Then Guillotine. Smarter players will try to jump out of your tick, and get caught. Hella judo.

  • An air juggle is another good place to try some judo. Hit them out of the air with s.strong, c.fierce, lowjump fierce or something like that, and try to land next to them. If you haven’t landed a headbutt after this, you should try to go for one now (instinct is to block). But if you haven’t or if you think they’ve seen the trick before, it’s time for a Guillotine.

  • Stockbreak mindfuck is too good with Yamazaki. While I usually try to conserve stock for a quick break into Guillotine anti-air, it’s possible to mess with your opponent’s head just by breaking stock. What are the effects? They probably won’t jump, and will try to keep you from getting close at all costs. How do you take advantage? It’s up to you, but I like to do a lot of s.fierce xx knives to go for a guardbreak. If their guardbar is low, they’ll get nervous and try to do something dumb, and you can call it with your super of choice.

Post your setups here.

There is another thread with setups and combos. Check that one.


run in c.jabx2, run s.jab wiff xx grab super.

jump wiff a move over their head or empty low jump, grab super.

And shiro does close c.fwdx2(blocked), special grab. If the c.fwd hits at anytime, he cancels into super.