Super SF II Turbo Ryu Question's

Hello, forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong idea, but I couldn’t find anywhere else offhand to place it. :wonder:

I have the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection game and offical fighters guide. Within the guide it gives great insight to Ryu and his combo’s. One type of combo I just cannot seem to get to work for whatever reason and I was hoping somebody here might be able to help me make it happen, thanks in advance.

In the manual it states that if you do three crouching light kicks, you can chain them all into Shinku Hadouken. You can also on a crouching enemy use the overhead medium punch, crouching medium kick, then Shinku Hadouken. Now no matter what I do, I can’t get them to work and I don’t understand why. It’s almost too easy in games like Capcom VS SNK 2 with Ryu, but in this game I can’t even do it once. What exactly is it that needs to be done in order to pull of these combo’s? Thanks again. :lovin:

First of all, Super Turbo (ST) has its own general strategy forum now located here.

To combo supers in ST you have to buffer the motion in advance. To combo a cr. med kick into super looks like this.

:d: :df: :r: :d: :mk: :df: :r: :p:

:lk: x3 into super is hard and I believe only works half the time anyway even if your execution is perfect, a random bug in the game. I think NKI stated that in this thread.

Totally agree . The motion have to be buffered/made in advance , but not only that , you also have to do negative edge ,that means for more practiseness you must hold a button then release it when motion is finished .
The lkx3 cancel super is still very hard to do (in a match though ) .

I’m now starting to see exactly how difficult this is to do and I’m wondering if it’s really even worth it. I only use Ryu so I wanted to do everything he is able to do. I rarely get closer then a crouching medium kick unless they keep coming at me for a throw. When it happens I usually try to throw first or Dragon Punch, either or. I do agree with you Rob, the need to actually do these two combo’s at any given time seem so rare, it makes it frankly pointless to even bother killing yourself over to learn. :sad:

Actually i did the combo portion of that guide and did a little promotional video for it too.

Scroll down a little and click on “Updates and Corrections” then download the video. It’s not gonna help much but at least you’ll see what it looks like.

The c.LK x3 into super is explained in the Basics section of the guide. I think it’s listed as Renda Kara Cancels or something like that.

If you check NKI’s website, it has a list of random ST Frame Data and it lists the cancel time for moves in ST. You have 20 frames to cancel a normal move into a special move and you have 7 frames to cancel into a super move. That’s why you have to incorporate the button into the super motion.

It’s not like CvS2 where you can do it anytime you want. You actually have to find setups for it. Probably the most practical setup is F+MP overhead, c.MK xx super or crossup j.HK, c.MK xx super.

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