Super SF2 Turbo - About Claw and Guile's super combos


Is it just me or Claw’s SC in Super SF2 Turbo comes out with a lot less effort than Guile’s, even when using ©D, F, B, U instead of ©DB, DF, DB, UF? I’ve played the Arcade, PS1 and 3DO versions and in all of them it’s way harder for me to do Guile’s SC.

I’m a keyboard player, but I don’t think it plays a part in this issue (correct me if I’m wrong). Do you joystick players have the same issue?

By the way: In the GBA version (Super SF2 Turbo Revival), both of then come out easy (even when using the diagonal directions). I was impressed when I was able to execute them way easier than I thought. Did Capcom do something to improve their execution in comparison with the Arcade version and its direct ports?

(EDIT: I’ve tried the DFBU motion in the 3DO version and it worked a little better for Guile, but still not as good as with Claw.)


You being able to pull off that on a keyboard, is an accomplishment in itself. And if that’s how you want to play sf2, then do you man.
Dpad,stick, analogue but on a keyboard…damn.


Yeah, I know! I’ve always found it easier to play with a keyboard (I never liked to play with grab characters, so I don’t mind being practically unable to 360 or 720), but it took me a big while to be able to do this kind of motion.
I was disappointed to see that, with the same level of quickness when doing the motion, Guile’s SC does not come out as much as Claw’s. Such a shame, since I started to play SF2 a lot this year and Guile is one of my main characters in the non-ST versions. :s

Capcom should’ve given Guile a Sonic Break-like and Claw a Scarlet Mirage-like. If it’s to be charged, then be it BFBF.
At least Rolling Izuna Drop’s animation is great.


I’ve never done that motion for Guile.
For me, it’s always been cDB, DF, UB+K
Have you tried that?


It worked! Thanks! =)
I was also using © :db: :df: :db: :u:+ :k: with a quick release of all directions before :u:+:k:, which I found out some days ago, but your shortcut works better (especially when facing right).
Too bad your solution doesn’t work in games other than SSF2T. :s

Can you do Claw’s SC easier (be it with a shortcut or not) as well? I strongly suspect Capcom put a bigger command buffer in it compared to Guile’s SC.


Claw uses the same shortcut, iirc


Yes, it works. Just tested on HD remix in classic mode.


Yeah, I’m aware that Claw can benefit from the same shortcuts as Guile. But do you feel his SC comes out easier than Guile’s? He doesn’t even have that need to use shortcuts (besides the standard keyboard one of charging :db: and tapping :f: then :b: while still holding :d:).


It’s SSF2T anyway, hehe.
I meant games other than this one: CvS1/2, SvC, EX series, Alpha series (Charlie only in A1 and A2), CFE, etc…


That’s because any of the up directions work for his super. I think. Can’t say for sure. I do know it’s a stupid super because you can’t whiff it - so if I input it wrong, he just does the normal slash, so sometimes I can’t tell if I did it wrong or if I was just too far.

Not that one in particular, but IIRC, none of them require you to do the whole:

charge :db: :df: :db: :uf: motion.

You could just do charge :db: :qcf: :hcb: :ub: which is how I did it with Charlie in Alpha 2.
To be fair though, I only use charge characters in ST. Alpha, I used mostly Chun and Ryu. SF3, Akuma and Yang, and SF4, Chun - who has never had that zig zag motion.