Super SF2 X Turbo Dreamcast version


Anyone play this on DC? If so, I’m trying to find the 3 bonus stages command to unlock in the dipswitch menu. What column and and row do I change this?
I used to know it but I forgot about it since I stopped playing this game a while back until now.

I know the rest of them such as toggle languages, Shin Gouki with raging demon, unstun projectiles and a bunch of others. What I forgot was the command to all 3 bonus stages.


Unlocking bonus stages is in the EX menu, I believe.

I think there’s a glitch that won’t let you get to them if you’re using Gouki. At least in mine, every time I’m using Gouki and it tries to load up the first bonus stage it just sits there at the win quote screen. <- Wealth of knowledge


Thx man and the link is informative too. By the way, that’s not a glitch when you pick Gouki or any character, It’s the the slow GD rom speed on the Dreamcast. It happens on every DC version of this game. When the victory screen shows up, do nothing. This way it will take time to load up the information. Don’t press any buttons to rush to the next cpu otherwise it’s going to crash and get stuck at the victory screen.


If the game does get stuck though, instead of resetting, you can have a 2P enter.




After years of playing ST, I absolutely prefer the Dreamcast version over the Cps2 arcade. The one frame input lag difference is very negligible for me.

differences in the Dreamcast’s 1994/02/23 version (compared to the arcade version)
Instead of “PUSH START”, it says "PRESS START"
Almost no difference in stage speeds
Difficult to kill and dizzy at the same time using Honda’s command throw
O.Chun’s reversal fireball glitch is removed (in the arcade version the strength didn’t correspond to what button you pressed)
Guile makes a grunt when he does his kick air throw
No hit noise during Hawk’s Fierce punch throw
Hawk’s Jab and Strong 360 sounds don’t get cut off
Fei Long can’t cancel rapid fire st.Jabs into jump
O.Dictator’s st.Fierce graphic glitch is corrected

The DC version feels more polished. You’ll know what I mean to those that play both.
In fact the Dreamcast is my favorite console system ever. CvS1/2, ST, 3rd Strike Offline edition, and Garou MotW all in JP versions on the Dreamcast.


I like the DC version just fine, with the exception that it looks like crap (like all other capcom fighters on DC) running through VGA. That and it feels very slightly slower than the arcade version at T3.


I’m going to concur regarding the Vga look on 2D images. However, this is not a problem on 3D games. My jaws dropped when I loaded DoA2 on vga. I couldn’t believe how crisp and real the detail is.

All else, I use S video connector for 2D fighters!


I love the DC version. The usable versus mode and homogenized stage speeds are a huge plus for using it, not to mention the slightly input increase is negligible. The only drawback is that it’s difficult to source dreamcast sticks, plus it can be annoying trying to hunt down the right dipswitch settings to save to your memory card.


Even if you own an original, everyone should be using Toodles’ DC Capcom collection disk for ease of use/unlocked saves.


True that. It’s quite a nice collection disc, with the bonus of being able to use OST from any game with the others.

But again, in terms of tournament logistics, this one would be a nightmare to use.