SUPER SF4 Blanka Matchup Thread

What Blaziansolja said, we need new information for the new game. So here I am to share my views, do feel free to add on to the list if you discover something new. I’ll start first with the new characters, note that current information is off the top of my head. Please update with later replies if some of them are inaccurate.

Please note that for all fireball characters including Guile, you can use LP.rainbow roll to hop over their fireballs, close distance, and build EX meter at the same time, while stopping them from closing in. Don’t be too predictable with it though.


Any horizontal ball on hit or block can be punished by EX Hayate, normal Hayates will be too slow or too short to reach Blanka.

Beware of her st.MP. It hits many of Blanka’s moves cleanly, and is very meaty for stuffing horizontal balls.

Please be careful of Dash > Karakusa, if you are holding a down-back charge, you may be caught by that quite a few times. When you see a dash that comes close enough to you, just jump back to get the space back. If in corner, EX rainbow roll out.

All Hayates that hit deep can be punished with st.LP xx HP Ball on block (correct me if I’m wrong).

Makoto has no decent answer to cross ups as of now, so go ahead and safe jump cross up MK shenanigans all day.

Makoto has a decent anti air. Cr.MK. Not very damaging though, but try not to jump in unnecessarily.

Ultra 1 can be stuffed by Fukiage (upward thrust punch) on its way up. (thanks Paragon for the information!)


ALL horizontal balls on hit or block are punishable by HP & EX Neck Twist (whatever its name is)

If you get stuck in a vortex, your best bet is to back dash, get hit by a kunai, flipping out of it. Blocking and then backdashing is an alternative. Do not bother with EX Upballs, as they are free for punish on hit or block.

Ibuki has a few anti-airs that are halfway decent but still reliable. Close.HK > SRK will take a lot of your life, don’t do jump ins that land from the top of her character model.

Ibuki’s daggers BEAT EX.Balls - as far as Doctor Cuss knows, they’re the only projectile that does this (maybe Cody’s knife, too?). He’s had matches versus Ibuki where she basically zones him for free, like Akuma vs. Gief in SSF2T. I’m sure there’s probably an answer of some sort (tedious FADC / jabs to knock the daggers away), but the only balls involved are the ones between your legs.
(Credits to Doctor Cuss for the new info and great punchline).

In response: FADC > forward dash closes distance very quickly against a kunai zoning Ibuki. Random jump normals out of anti-air distance can also shut out attempts for the Ibuki to super jump away from you.

**Dudley: **

As per my reply on another thread:

All non-EX Machine Gun Blows are safe on block, the safest way to getting out of a MGB frame trap is to back dash. Don’t bother to try punish. You can try to walk up and throw after his MGB, or hop cross him but there’s a possibility of eating a Cr.LP xx LPMGB.

Dudley’s more obvious openings FOR NOW (i.e. subjected to change once people discover more things) are from the air, he doesn’t seem to have a clean hit anti-air normal (yet) and Jet Upper has dodgy invincibility against our J.HK.

Footsie with Cr/St. HP as Cr.HP shuts out many of Dudley’s dash-in moves, including random MGBs. Anti-air with Cr.MP when close, and Cr.HP when far. Throw in shenanigans with crossups/hop. Do not use any balls that’ll touch Dudley, because they are all punishable by HP MGB.

Remember to mix things up.


She can punish all blocked balls by dashing in LK or EX pinwheel kick. As far as I know, the LK one doesn’t work all the time depending on knockback distance. Anyone with a better confirmation of this?

All pinwheel kicks, EX or normals, should be blocked low. If they hit deep enough, you can punish with Cr.LP or walk up to throw.

Feel free to cross up on wake up because the only solution Juri has is to EX pinwheel, which will hit you only for 1 or 2 measly hits in exchange for an EX bar.

Her only simple and reliable setups to ultra are EX Dive Kick and J.MP. Block and refrain from jumps appropriately.


Can punish all balls with Oil Slide.

Ultra 2 starts up very quickly, refrain from jumping when he has more than 3/4 bar stocked.

Hakan’s normals are pretty gimped, I have been able to outfootsie most of them so far.

A good Hakan will always oil up at full screen distance. If you see it coming, forward hop > slide to get a hit. If Hakan blocks your slide in time, it’s a free command throw for him.

Beware of oiled up dash in command throw. The range is extremely scary on that one.


Can punish balls with Jaguar Revolver (Ultra 1). Can punish balls with lower block knockback with LK Jaguar Kick.

Can auto correct Rising Jaguar to trade with crossups.

Jaguar Tooths are safe on block, don’t try to punish.

Bait Jaguar Tooths and punish with jump back HK or neutral jump HK > combo.


Can punish all balls with his dash > MK slide.

Cross ups are mostly unsafe when he has EX Senpukyaku.

Game is highly dependent on you stuffing his jumps and random command dashes. Normals-heavy game for Blanka.


Can punish blocked balls with low knockback with Ruffian Kick (Slide).

Rocks are easy to slide upon reaction.

Cody has good anti airs, try not to jump in.

Hop shenanigans are good cause his normals start up slightly slower than average. (correct me if inaccurate according to frame data).

Rocks are punishable on reaction with Ultra 2 (thanks Paragon!)

Do note that he can do fake rocks to bait out that Ultra 2 as well.


Has crazy anti-airs that auto-correct. Totally cross up unsafe.

EX Dread Kick can punish blocked balls. But not worth it in my opinion, so spam away.

Can slide DeeJay’s fireballs on reaction.

T Hawk:


Punish all blocked Condor Dives with slide.

Upball beats most jump ins.

He has no punish for balls, blocked or hit. So spam away at mid distance, EX Rainbow away when he gets close. Ad inifinitum.


Matchup is basically what it was in Vanilla SF4 simply because Blanka and Boxer are the least-changed characters from Vanilla to Super:

Number 1 rule: No balls of any kind that will come into contact or jab range (unless you are playing a scrub).

Number 2 rule: Don’t jump in. You will eat free Cr.HPs all day.

Hop is very slightly better for crossups. But still not good enough to throw out randomly to close distance because of Boxer’s Cr.LP on reaction.

Footsie games are easier because of better Blanka Cr.HP hitbox. Can throw out to stuff some dash punches, but don’t do it at Boxer’s sweep range.

Something to note (that many Blanka users did not discover by the end of vanilla) is that random and sustained HP Electricity trades a lot (with favour) against Boxer’s normals if they do it at a wrong range. And simply hit many other things (dash punches included) clean. The only way for the Boxer to counter HP Electricity is a very well spaced sweep, jab, Dash Low Straight or Ultra 1.

Boxer’s Ultra 2 can be jumped out of after the animation. It’s not instant startup like Zangief’s and Hawk’s. (But who uses that crap anyway?)


Sonic booms can be slided on reaction at less than half screen range (according to most people who post, pending evidence). I’ve been trying this all night and it doesn’t work though (probably my fault).

No way to get close by land or air. He has 6 anti-airs that work at all sorts of distances. Do not jump forward, AT ALL.
One alternative is to tough it out by walking forward, pushing him into the corner while blocking every single Sonic Boom. (all the top players are fighting Guile this way right now). Footsie game ensues, anti air accordingly if he tries to escape.

Do not bother to focus Sonic Booms for closing distance. You will eat another on the dash forward because of his reduced charge time.

Ex balls of any kind get punished.

Coward crouch to avoid fireballs is punishable on reaction by Guile’s EX boom.

Slide upon blocked = free Sonic Hurricane.

His LK Flashkick will auto correct if you time your crossup jumps wrongly.

For slightly less skilled Guiles, you can try predict a slide to knock him down from throwing a Sonic Boom, the good ones will space themselves such that this will never work on them and most of the time you eat a focus combo or Sonic Hurricane instead.

Once you get a knockdown, Guile’s only weakness is that he has no decent answers to safe crossups and pressures. Beware the flashkick FADC.


Another nightmarish matchup.

All balls are punishable by LK or EX Scissors on block.

There’s nothing you can really do when Dictator whiffs Devil’s Reverses to build meter. Double hop forward > slide may work (not tested).

You can neutral jump HP or HK to try stuff an incoming Head Press, or backdash > throw if there’s a space to.

Slide is a dodgy poke for this match, not worth the risk using.

Just block the entire LK xx LK Scissors Kick frame trap (which normally occurs for 2-3 repetitions) until you see a chance to EX Rainbow or jump out if you get trapped.

Dictator’s Ultra 2 can land in front or behind you (crossup). Best way to avoid it is by jumping (if available).

Chun Li:

Nothing much changed since Vanilla.

Can punish Kikoken with Ultra 2 on reaction.

No balls against Chun Li once she gets Ultra 1 up.

The skill levels of Chun vary too wildly to have a consistent strategy for all of them. First thing to note: Kikoken is very slideable on reaction since the recovery time is slow. And like Cap Ron said, she has no proper answers to crossups except for EX.bird which you can try bait out by standing next to her on a wake up game and then jumping straight up or back dashing. Do note that most good Chuns will not EX.bird for nothing but rather, on reaction. If Chun somehow chooses Ultra 2, free balls for you unless she gets Super. If Ultra 1, just try to get a lead and turtle it out, partly because Blanka has a disadvantage on this footsy game.

I noticed too that Cr.MP doesn’t seem to work as well against Super’s Chun’s jump ins compared to Vanilla’s. Did Capcom change the hit box on her jumping HK or other normals?.


Matchup more or less unchanged from Vanilla. Crouch and stare.

HP/EX Headbutt, Killer Head Ram can punish any balls on block. Headbutts are great anti jump ins too.

Slide can punish any blocked MP or HP Headbutt. Does NOT punish blocked LP or EX Headbutts.

Chip away with horizontal balls at mid screen or less whenever he gives up his back charge to move forward.

Beware of Honda’s lp xx HP Hundred Hands Slap FADC > Oicho / Ultra 2 shenanigans.

Honda’s neutral jump HP will stuff upballs, don’t do it.

His forward jump MP can trade with Blanka’s Cr.MP or even hit Blanka cleanly.

Other returning characters of relatively more importance, all credits to Viscant here:


Improved. It’s not like it could get any worse, but U2 stops fireballs and gives you an incentive to turtle when you have the lead.

You have a strong incentive for focusing fireballs instead of just coward crouching them. Sagat’s damage is down, our damage (mostly) stayed the same so it’s a backhanded improvement.

Specifically tiger knee and uppercut damage is down in areas that you would run into them so mid-range poking is somewhat better. Does he beat Sagat? I doubt it, but at least there’s a strategy now.


U2 for fireballs, his uppercut is slightly weaker and his main combos do slightly less damage.
He still can’t be crossed up, but you can turtle from him and low rh is slightly better in the matchup.


One of Blanka’s better matches in vanilla, very little changed in his favor (pertaining to the Blanka match) and at least we get U2.

He has no ball punish whatsoever so you don’t even have to be careful.

His fireball got better but still you can U2 between low forward xx fireball at the range that Ken is usually standing when he fishes for low forward (after towards forward mostly).


Somehow got worse. All CODs are -3 now so they’re immune to U1 under normal circumstances. Blanka depended on Abel doing something really dumb in front of him to win this fight in vanilla, now even if he just takes a wild guess, we get nothing of value.

You still can’t reversal him on the ground, now with elec being slightly worse you have to be standing practically on top of him to combo him; low forward xx fierce elec has an awful habit of whiffing completely.

If this match was 7-3 in vanilla, it’s probably 7.5-2.5 now.
He’s probably top tier this time around so you’ll be seeing more of them.


Slightly better. U2 stops air fireballs and run away hurricane kicks. U2 also stops teleport runaway. U2 also helps with the demon flip shenanigans (not that that was safe vs. Blanka in the first place, but Akumas would still do it pretty often)

His fundamentals are mostly the same. This match was pretty close in vanilla, with Akuma getting the slight nod. That result might flip in this game.

Dan: Who cares.


Much much worse (compared to vanilla). Now punishes all balls on hit or block with U2.

Our U2 stops him from whiffing wall dives even at full screen and punishes him on what was previously “free” corner escape (blocked anything into towards EX wall dive, stay full screen away on landing), now we can trip guard his landing for 300 damage.

Match resembles vs. Honda in a lot of ways. If Blanka is winning, the match is over. Once Vega gives up his charge, he has nothing to be afraid of. If Vega is winning, Blanka probably loses.

At least Vega is somewhat easier to jump against than Honda is; his anti-air is still spotty. This match will inevitably devolve into both sides staring at each other. This match was almost completely free for Blanka in vanilla; I’m pretty sure Vega wins now.


Zangief got bashed with the nerf stick on his striking offense. Blanka tended to not get hit by command throws in this matchup; he did eat jabs and green glove combos. Plus the (situational) blanka ball punish was with EX green glove. Much harder to punish in this game, plus damage went down.

Also, with the lariat nerfs, Blanka has a couple of safe jump opportunities. Siberian Blizzard isn’t a big factor in this matchup; it’s dangerous but Blanka has solid normal anti-airs that he can mix in with high EX up balls and reaction EX up balls.

This match was either even or the tiniest bit in Zangief’s favor in vanilla; you can put it in the win column for Super solely on Gief nerfs now.


Some improvements, some nerfs, overall match is probably about the same. She had a hard time getting in on Blanka in the first place.

U2 makes it unsafe to whiff vs. Blanka now. Her U2 makes it much more unsafe to get your balls blocked though (EX seismo into ultra is less situational vs. Blanka and a consistent combo at all times).

Pretty standard Blanka turtle match. Both stare at each other, you poke her a little to keep her honest and anti-air her mixups.

Her distance poke (low forward) actually managed to get worse, which is amusing.

It’s still Viper so you get mixed up twice and you’re done and with her improved lightning upper makes it slightly harder to jump/cross her up.


He used to be pretty easy to cross up, but U2 seems specifically designed to stop Blanka from doing that. That’s basically the only use it has. However if someone chooses U2 against you, you can take steps to not eat it.

Viscant THINKs U1 will be better vs. Blanka because Rufus is an offensive character who likes to combo into ultra, but uh…I don’t know. His overall damage nerfs help us out; Blanka ate more EX snakes than other characters.

Viscant also THINKs the match an improvement from vanilla just because his damage took it in the shorts, but I’m honestly not sure yet. It would probably be useful information to have; almost everyone thinks Rufus is a top tier character in this game.


Entirely dependent on what you thought of the match previously. On the plus side, our U2 bothers him a lot. Shuts down his fireball game, he already couldn’t teleport vs. us, now he can’t even whiff limbs since they have long retractions.

On the minus side, his U2 is so good it’s almost broken and punishes basically everything from slides to balls and makes crossing him up very very dangerous (instant air teleport behind into shangri-la; if he can get up in the air without you kicking him, the shangri-la is guaranteed) Essentially you miss anything, you’re eating ultra. Dhalsim players thought Blanka beat Dhalsim, Blanka players thought Dhalsim crushed Blanka.

The things that annoyed both sides about the matchup (Dhalsim hated Blanka crossups, Blanka hated the fireball keepaway game) have been changed. It’s unclear who got the better of it. Probably 6 months more of forum arguing before anything is solved.


Matchup improved. His primary strategy is much worse, it takes him longer to build a super and his damage off common openings has gone way down. You probably won’t run into any Gens ever, but for me, I couldn’t be happier.


A very very bad matchup. Right up there with Dictator. Everything you do can be stuffed out clean by Cannon Strikes (dive kicks) and all balls are punishable by Spiral Arrow (+ Cannon Spike combo in corner).

Don’t try to put anything out after a well distanced Spiral Arrow because Cammies always follow up with Cannon Spike for a free hit. Jumping back also gets nailed with Cannon Spikes. You can try to get in a hop > slide or 2 when they are trying to charge meter full screen with instant dives. But cross up games aren’t working well due to Cannon Spike FADCs.

Does anyone know a sure counter to dive kicks other than EX.Upball? Cr. Anti airs don’t work at all. And U2 is almost random (depending on how high or low the dive is executed).

El Fuerte

No contact balls as they are slideable.

Random whiffed balls into HP Electricity and,
Random neutral jumps HK basically shuts out everything El Fuerte can do.

Fuerte is pretty vulnerable to crossup shenanigans.

You are bound to be knocked down in this match, do not bother with the ‘guessing game’ upon wakeup. Always back dash out of it, if you get hit, don’t give up the game plan, back dash the next wake up attempt and so on.

WTF is this shit?

Cody’s rocks are punishable with Ultra 2.

The reason why I won’t share Juri’s punish for blocked horizontal balls is cause many of the Juri users don’t know it yet… Don’t need to improve on the competition now.

Or you could just tell us? I am pretty sure EX divekick does. Who cares if people know dude.

Spread the knowledge.

What about Rog? Is it basically the same as it was in 4?

Boxer matchup added.


Because Juri players don’t know about training mode, yeah?

It should also be noted that Makoto’s Fukiage (upward thrust punch) completely stops Blanka’s Ultra 1 when Blanka is at the top of the arc the ultra puts you at. I got stuffed all night by it.

i only just got the game, guile matchup changed? why? you could slide his sonic booms before, has his recovery been improved? you couldn’t jump in on him at all in vanillla anyway, it was always a pretty tough match which was 100% footsies and throw tech counter hit traps off crossups.

Juri can punish balls with dash ex pinwheel. No need to keep it a secret.

Guile’s charge time for sonic boom decreased. Also I think his normals had their hitboxes tweeked like Blankas.

Hey Mullah,

Guile’s reduced charge time made this match much more in his favour this time around. His Ultra 2 can punish many mistakes like a blocked ball, a blocked slide, a jump in from far. Hitboxes for his normals and flashkicks are much better than Vanilla’s too. I don’t have the data as to whether or not Sonic Booms have reduced recovery (probably not). But the good Guiles always throw them at a range that you cannot slide on reaction anyways.


I appreciate the new thread. Looking to be pretty helpful and I see you are still adding to it. Just as I thought there seems to be no easy way to beat a Guile. I would say the only real strategy that I can use is the cross up but like you said even that can be punished. I generally can catch Guile’s with a ex rainbow roll cross up but that’s just more of shenanigan’s than any real solid strat. I can’t stress enough how much I hate this matchup. I agree with you that it has to be at least an 8-2 matchup.

Blanka’s neutral mp stuffs boxers dashes.

Blanka/Guile is not 8-2 IMO. He can throw more booms, but they still don’t hurt you to block. Walk him to the corner.

I agree, Blanka/Guile is probably at best slight advantage Guile now. Saying it’s 9 - 1 or 8 - 2 just tells me you don’t know how to play against Guile. I’m a little surprised that the original poster is saying LK flash kick beats crossups. Last I checked, Guile was free to well-timed crossups, but I guess I’ll double check this in training mode. You can still most definitely slide Sonic Booms on reaction at the correct range.

And, as usual, Blanka can get a life lead and fairly easily turtle it out, Sonic Booms still don’t do shit in terms of chip.

Guile’s cr.hp stuffs blanka’s Ultra 1 much like Makoto’s Fukiage.

His crossup is a little different in Super.

Paragon is the worst Blanka I’ve ever seen, don’t listen to him.