Super SF4 Midnight Release <Gamestop down the street from Dojo>


Ok so the other day i went to go talk to the manager at the gamestop down the street. He says they were not planing on a midnight release but when I told him i could get about 30 to 40 heads if they did he got pretty excited and was willing to work with us. He sent word out to his district manager to get permission, ill be talking to him later today to get the final verdict

If we get this, I was wondering if we can take the initiative right now and start a petition list to see exactly how many people are willing to come out for the midnight release over here.

I will also throw a tournament at the dojo at midnight. So everyone can pick up their copy , drive down to the next block and come to the dojo for a beasting ass tourney.

If this goes good, i think it will be an excellent idea to start out the gate with SSF4. We will have all our top players in ONE area beasting and learning very fast.

I cant stress enough how important it is to have everyone in one room playing on launch day and not going solo our duo tryin to learn. We learn so much faster with everyone under one roof.

So I know certain people already pre-ordered, so dont worry about coming on here to state that u cant, i just wanna hear from the people that can and are willing so we can move forward.



Keep me posted on this Cole. I pre-ordered at another gamestop but I wonder if it is possible to change the location or at least get a refund.


If you pre-ordered from one gamestop, can you pick it up at a different one? Cause I pre-ordered from the one in renton.


Ya know what, that sounds pretty ILL. I think as long as things are cool, we’ll see what’s up.


I’m down. Was going to pre-order from the RTC gamestop, but I’ll gladly go to Sammamish if they are doing a midnight release.


cough cough my idea cough cough

good shit Cole Ill be there


If bby doesn’t get the game early I’m down.


Sorry to say that you can’t.
Because they make orders for that specific store.
But if this midnight release is going to happen then you can just totally pick one up later.
Or you know what… you might be able to cancel the one order you have now and pre-order from the midnight release store.
Maybe order 2 because i kinda live far away for that.

Oh yea, I’m totally up for going to the midnight release.


i have not reserved a copy anywhere yet, and i was hoping to find the midnight release with the most people going, so if this is the one we are all going to, im down for it


Hey Cole, I’m totally down if I can get a carpool comin up from Everett.


Im down


Oh yeah, for all you Gamestop people you can just cancel your preorder at the store you reserved and get your money back. You can then preorder at the Issaquah Gamestop. I wouldn’t cancel your preorder until the midnight opening is confirmed.


Word. Just waiting to hear back from Cole to see if this is 100%.


If this goes down I will get my copy from that gamestop. Would be an intersting tourney to watch with new characters in the mix.


well easy come easy go. The district manager was not having it. Sorry for the pre-hype everyone hehe.

Im going to try some other gamestops, you never know.

Good looking on the idea Nate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehe



Cole, try Play n Trade kirkland. They’re a smaller business that has thrown midnight release tournaments (T6) and sf4 tournaments. Jared is going to try to work some stuff out, but if I call, and you call, then maybe they’ll realize we’re serious.


Cole, did you remind them that you were the local Gamestop champ from last year? Try Crossroads Gamestop, they’ve had midnight openings in the past, then again it’ll probably be the same district manager…


I messaged Mike, I haven’t seen him around the forums in months, so there’s a chance he might not even work there anymore. :o

I’ll try to hit up my friend’s brother that works there though, see what’s going on.


Yes, do try crossroads - it’s not THAT far away from you.


cole which one did you try? there’s the one at like that SAFFRON place or w/e but there’s also one down near costco, pcc, isushi etc.