Super SFII SNES (New Challengers) Help Me Please

Ok, I really hope this is in the right forum and doesn’t violate any rules, and I kindly ask the mods to move or merge or whatever if I am wrong, thanks.

So a friend and I have recently started playing this game again for the last few months, probably about 8-10 hrs a week or so. We have been using the “elimination” mode, and recently he discovered a ticking loop with Cammy that gets me every time unless I am Blanka or Vega.

The loop goes like this: He jumps straight up with MP while I am recovering from a hit (or previous throw). This MP by Cammy seems to trump any hit I try to counter with. Then comes the MP throw and rinse, repeat. I am not 100% sure how the reversals work in this game, nor the exact frames etc, and I am just wondering how to counter this effectively. The only reason I can escape with Blanka is by using electricity to stop the jump in.

Any help is appreciated.


I believe that when you’ve just landed, you can’t be thrown for a bit, so you can’t probably beat him with a throw. The down and dirty way to beat something like that is to jump. You’ll take the hit from the medium punch, but you’ll be knocked away and get throw priority when you land. It’s not a perfect solution, but hopefully it’ll at least get you out of the situation with minimum damage.

The thing is, the punch is timed really deep, so by the time the jump is executed I am only able to get slightly off the ground before the punch hits and i am thrown again. Not sure if it is specific to this version or not, but getting thrown while just having landed or in the process of landing is common.

I am thinking of trying to just absorb the mp and attempt a quick jab or a throw of my own. It may take a while to get the timing down though

I think the rules for throwing work pretty much the same from Champion Edition up through Alpha 1, at least. There are certain odd situations where you just can’t throw your opponent, and their throws will always beat yours. I’m not 100% sure what causes these situations. Try for a throw of your own, and that may work. You’ll have a 50/50 chance, at least.

Ken should be able to escape with SRK right away. Fei and Dee Jay can use their invincible safe moves (machine gun upper and short flame kick) to push her back. All characters but maybe Fei Long should be able to counter throw. Ryu, Ken, Hawk and Fei can use their SRK-like moves as a reversal and beat the throw after they block the jumping punch. Zangief can beat a meaty jump with lariats, if it’s not meaty then he recovers faster and can throw Cammy as she lands. Zangief and Hawk can reversal spinning pile driver or typhoon to beat the throw.

Reversals work by doing the move motion and pressing or releasing the button just before the character is playable again, that is, as it wakes up of recovers from a hit or blocked more. Training should give the proper timing.

Edit: as for throws, if the enemy character is in range, on the ground and not invincible, you can throw him. Cammy’s range is not very good: the vast majority of the characters have more range, the ones which don’t have such range that it is hard to measure the distance so as to take advantage of it, so you should be able to counter-throw the same way.