Super SFIV Alternate Covers (Interest Check)

I disliked SFIV’s cover art, and Super looks worse. There’s a lot of requests for custom stick art, avatars, wallpaper, etc., but why nothing for case art?

So, to provide some SSFIV hype, I’ve been working on a new SRK Edition of the cover. Is there any interest in having SRK user made art to replace the current piece? Either way, this would be a cool place for people to post their own ideas, art, and criticism.

Custom Cody In Progress:

If interest ensues, I’ll be happy to post full psd files.

Looks frickin’ sweet! I’d like to take the time to make one…but I should focus on getting a next gen system first methinks. :lol:

I think it would be fun to make these alt. covers for this game and any others with horrible covers coughFF13cough.

Me too!

I’d like the PSD to tinker with, please.

what kind of equipment is used to print/make actual covers/inlets?

no matter what paper or settings i use it never gets close to how proper ones look or feel.

I also dislike the offical box art aswell, you should do versions for different characters cough dudley

I made my own box art cover too-

Hell yeah Furious One, that looks awesome. I don’t know what Capcom was thinking, most SF boxart is a joke (remember the SNES?).

Yeah, I mainly wanted Cody due to the brickwall homage. I may make a fading line of all the new characters fading off into the distance towards the left. But yeah, I wanna think of some other ideas for character specific ones (lol, Dan edition).

X360 Template Here

There’s the psd template. All the layers have a folder to choose each box setting, and includes NTSC and PAL stuff… you’ll probably still need to jack a couple items here and there (I know the specific Teen rating is wrong).

EDIT: Oh yeah, I’ve had pretty so-so luck with home printing custom covers, figured I’d see what kinkos could do for me.

Chunstoppable: Heh, I make one everytime I’m unsatisfied:

Looks pretty nice so far. I’m only really learning Photoshop myself so I’m nowhere near being able to contribute anything, ha.

I see you’re making art for the 360 version, but would you by any chance be doing one for the PS3 as well?

Course, I’d just have to see how well the main art would fit on the smaller case ^^.

Good idea Aoi, I’ll see what I can make. I wouldn’t mind a custom cover of whoever I decide to actually main.

We should get some more matches in, it’s been a while.

Lol, I’ve spent the last few months doing art and playing Mass Effect, you’d completely dominate me. I’ll wait until SSFIV for a new battlefield ~.^.

Alpha Character Front Cover Done:
Don’t think there’s anything more I can do. The back is gonna be a pain looking at the back of SFIV. Gonna have to create my own hype for new stuff without the official one, lol.

Sorry for the double post = :


Download PSD

So cool good job

Had a cool idea for a Dudley one, may have to make another one. ~Gentleman’s Edition~

Anybody get a chance to mess about?

Not really. If I knew where to get the artwork for the SSFIV characters, I’d sit down and see what I can do…

I want to make a “Team UPS edition,” based on my team’s mains.

That Alpha inspired cover is sick. I’d totally use that on my copy.

Yeah, the artwork is a pain to find. I keep “printing screen” from the Capcom website (since it’s in flash) = p.

The full size file download is there for anybody that wants it. Like I said earlier, you’ll probably want a high quality print from somewhere other than a home printer, hehe.

aoi sick work on that cover bro, do you ever plan on working on a playstation version, let me know!

Ah yeah, forgot about turning it into PS3. I’ll have to adjust it for that soon, and post. Thanks for the reminder ~.^

wow, nice stuff, I stumbled in the image mishmashs on mistake but glad I took a look at this :wink: