Super SFIV Arcade - Akuma Changes



Akuma VS Nerf hammer. Round 2, fight!

“Ryu and Akuma’s Air Hurricane Kicks are no longer as effective for escaping bad situations. If these are done in the air before hitting the peak of the jump, they’ll become floaty and go nowhere. Crossing up with a Hurricane Kick still works, though.”

Interesting. Provided cross up works, I guess this isn’t a huge deal breaker from an offence perspective though I do tend to traverse the screen and switch sides safely with an instant air tatsu due to how fast and far it travels.


Personally I’m hoping we see hp shaku regain some semblance of being useful in combos again. I’d also like to use in FADC combos again, even if the damage is heavily scaled and obviously without the loop coming back. I miss the style Akuma exhibited in vanilla with lp srk > fadc > redball and fadc’d combos. Those were sweet.

**Update: Most recent changes to Akuma:

  • Faster U2
  • EX SRK damage nerf or HP fireball (the half circle one) damage buff (‘or’?)
  • Slower walk speed?**


Oh and one thing I guess worth keeping in mind is that this is still a test release - more changes (for good or ill) are likely to come.


Hopefully there will be some better off changes like some buffs here and there, maybe U2 can’t be ducked etc. Likely this will be the last balancing sf4 will see.


cowardcopter being nerfed isn’t that big of a deal. i really, really, really want the hk loop back or the very least make his dash recover one frame faster so we can fadc on everyone again. oh, and fuck all the hk loop haters. shit was too fun.


Good to see that Capcom still has no idea why this series is so defensive. Instead of going after characters with strong offensive games like Ryu and Akuma how about some system changes that stops rewarding defense and mistakes?

Anyway…Give Akuma back his stun power. Beating on somebody for 30 seconds straight shouldn’t result in them just getting an ultra. Should be some reward to dominating a fight and stunning an opponent used to be that reward.


change the input for ultra two maybe or at least make able to FADC into U2 at the end of combos. just as long as its a little more useful i guess


Capcom please bring stun back to his sweep at least, I would take that over shaku. Shin said it though, doing all that work so I can eat some wake-up ultra lol that is mah bad tho son!


The Tatsu Escape is disappointing. The tweaks sound disappointing to most characters. EX: Guile,Gief,Bison,Akuma,Ryu.

Now seriously.

Akuma now got a giant nerf for options. He is supposed to be the Shoto with the most options for any situation. capcom now has to think this over.

Give Back Akuma’s Stun Capability like Vanilla to make him Aggro again in SSFIV3S. Give him the ability to juggle and combo continuously for maximum punishment like 3rd strike. Like if your in the Air he can combo with tatsus over and over again like that or like He can do srk FADC lk.Demon Flip Palm. For Knockdown properties.

This is my opinion. Give him his 3rd Strike Properties with his Vanilla and i think most Akuma’s should be good cuz He will remain around B or A tier bt got a nerf/buff that are kinda needed.

Make Demon Armageddon Hit crouching opponents as well. I can combo it no problem but with his 3rd Strike Abilities it should be good. And the U2 should not be able to move forward like when ppl jump straight up in front of u, and u do a U2 out of nowhere, u go under them…

Or Add a "Hidden Ultra"Sonic Boom no longer builds Super meter

Make his Tatsu like 3rd Strike: Fast Spinning.


I imagine this makes the gief match tougher for akuma/ryu


i always found ryu and kens armor break tatsu useful and i think akuma should have armor break tatsu aswell and make u2 hit crouching opponent and works as an anti-air and faster startup


This is getting ridiculous, some of those changes are crazy, SB no longer builds meter, Guile should do full screen flashkicks to build meter now lol? Akuma needs as many options as possible, he has the 2nd lowest health in the game for a reason, he is a shoto with many options (which capcom are reducing every game), getting out of the corner Vs characters like Rog would be a lot harder now.

I hope the final arcade build will be reasonable for the entire cast, because I doubt there will be anymore changes once the Arcade version has been released. If Akuma did get this nerf, I just hope they give him back his 200 stun sweep back, that’s not too much to ask for, one should get a God damn dizzy when you were able to successfully mix up someone 4 freakin times on wakeup.


Akuma atleast has teleport, poor Ryu will have serious problem now.


Ryu has a health advantage. Ryu’s normals are crazy good and do good damage/stun. His FA has good reach and comes out fast. He can combo into his U1 or U2. No… I don’t think Ryu’s going to have many problems with having the cowardcopter removed.

What gets me is how Akuma keeps getting hit with the nerf stick with every new “version” of the game. Leave the DEMON alone, CAPCOM!!! Bad enough his loop was taken away (that only worked on 4 characters out of 32), now his only escape option against players who fish for teleports is removed as well. What’s next? How 'bout we reduce his health to 2 points so that he dies instantly the moment he makes a mistake like block a FB?

Do they really hate Akuma that much? I thought he was supposed to be Ryu’s father… Is that any way to treat the old man? :razz:



And give back stun to the demon, he’s not a girl -__-’


I think the air tatsu nerf is okay. It was a bit too good imo. Also, I still do the srk fadc to shaku because it gives good position. Don’t only look at damage and stun.

I want Rufus have to crouch block both st. hk and be able to tatsu to sweep him. :razzy:

I want the st. hk loop back and will even sacrifice damage and/or stun to it to have it in. I just think it looks hella cool. :bgrin:

I hope Ryu’s srk doesn’t go from invincible frames straight to airborne frames. I would totally like to see grounded frames so Akuma’s dive kick can stuff it and go into a combo, rather than always resetting him.

I would like the demon flip throw to have slightly less recovery, but I doubt they will change that.


7:34PM PST- Gouki can now shoryuken fadc into U2. (Anonymous Location Tester)


^^ Whoa, that’s awesome. Hope it stays for the final build.




Im calling mad bullshit. That would imply it hits low now (or starts quicker).


7:35PM PST- Gouki’s penis has been removed and replaced with a fat hairy vagina. (Anonymous Location Tester)