Super SFIV FightStick TE S (360) on PC (win 7 64 bit)


I just bought the Super SFIV FightStick TE S (360) to play SSF4 on my Xbox 360. I would also like to play with it on my PC. When I try to connect it to my computer, it recognizes what the controller is but eventually fails to install the correct drivers.

I use my Wireless 360 controller on my computer quite frequently so this just seems strange why the FightStick would not work. Any ideas what I can do here? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a thousand times over but it hasn’t worked yet.


Maybe try different USB ports? I use my TE-S on Windows 7 64-bit without any issues.


Well, what the fuck. I plugged it into the USB my mouse was in and it works. FML.

Thanks bro.