Super SFIV for PS3 or 360?


i’ve been playing SFIV on ps3 since it came out and 8 times out of 10 i don’t have a probably finding matches. is playing on XBL unquestionably better than PSN? if it is i’ll get it for 360. The majority of my play is going to be online as there aren’t that many tournaments around where I live. any help would be appreciated!


inb4 console fanboy shitstorm.


In before fanboydom.

Both have been reliable to me, so I’d just go with whatever console you have more friends with (and I’m not sure what is coming to the CE of each either, that should be a factor).

Or just be like me, and get it for both.


I have SF4 for both consoles and finding matches has seemed a lot better on 360 for me, I’d get a decent list of games when searching on 360 and only 1 or 2 when searching on PS3. However I only got it for PS3 a couple of months ago and got it for 360 on launch day so it could just be that SF4 was more popular when I was playing it on 360 compared to playing it now on PS3.


Well Xbox does have better netplay for most games imo just as long as youre not to much of a cheap bastard to pay for it… 4.15 a month bro. But whatever floats your boat, PSN wireless is shitty imo, long ass wire ftw lol…


I heard that PSN games slow down majorly if the game is not installed on both systems. It can be infuriating.

360 doesn’t have any shenanigans and I am betting has the larger player base, so go ahead with that version.


I’m going to pick up both. It’s just $40 each. I have friends on both consoles so I will bring the ass whooping both ways.


Get both and dual-mod your stick.


This, it saves you lots of hassle. And why not get one, then another another time? With a $40 price range you can’t beat that. Unless you’re young and can’t pay for it yourself.


While getting both is the best “if you have money” answer, 360 generally has more players, stable connections and more solid competition. I’m not just saying this for FGs, even in general for cross platform multiplayer games.


this seems like what i need to do. but how complicated is that? can it be done with the mad catz tournament edition sticks?


Yes, I got someone to do it for me, you’d be better off sending it out to someone on SRK, check out the trading post. Most guys on here are reliable, I was lucky enough to find someone close by.

You can also hang out in your regional thread, there’s usually guys in there that mod stuff.


Yeah, if you want to be able to play ANYONE it’s best to just get it for both consoles, that’s indeed what I did. Or buy it for one console, say, 360, but then plan to get it on PS3 eventually so you can expand on the number of people you can meet and play via SRK.

As for no local tournaments, maybe you should look harder, chances are if there’s a major city in your state there are tournaments being held there or nearby, especially with how popular SF4 has become.

If you’re serious enough to buy the game for both consoles, you should be focusing your gameplay offline, as online tactics can cause negative effects for when you try to play in person.


you wont find matches on the ps3 that often, so you should find people who have and and add them.

Loading for each match is slow if one or more players did not install the game. again, find people in the playstation section in SRK then you won’t feel so lonely. I only have a limited amount of friends who play it with me… unfortunately.



i didnt install it on my 360. but i installed it on my ps3.

when i play matches on 360, it takes a while to load (about the same amount of time as a ps3 uninstalled version) online.

i’m actually going to be getting it on both eventually but since i know more people on ps3, imma get the ps3 version first.

bottom line, get whatever your friends are going to get.


well it’s the same game technically the networking would be exactly the same

it really depends on your preference, your controllers and where the community is

I personally wish they would stop releasing every single game on all 3 platforms (including pc). sure it gets more people into the game than if it were on just a single console but this really divides the community and it’s annoying.

I play on the PS3 because I liked the dpad more. then I bought all of my other fighting games for the PS3(tekken, blazblu, hdr, etc.)and now that I have a PS3 TE I’m kind of locked into my PS3 investment.