Super SFIV Matchmaking



:wonder: Like the thread title says, post all your Street Fighter IV match request here. Have at you… dood!



Hi I’m DR.B !!! I’m online right now !!! playing of course SF HD remix. gamertag: oxNOMADxo


Going to be hosting at 5:00 P.M. Arizona Time… 12/1/08


Hey, this thread exists already:


im online right now !!! holler ! -DR.B


Hosting at 1:20 P.M. 12/2/08 Arizona


add me if you want to play somtime i just picked up some microsoft points and bought it today.


i just picked up the game today, add me if you want to play somtime.


Playing now. 11:16 AM EST


Hosting at 5:00 P.M. Arizona


I’m on now


looking for some players

well im getting back into street fighter after not playing for years, i plan to be pre-ordering sf4 an the te stick and am currently playing hd remix until sf4 comes out. anyway im lookin for some good players to help me get back into shape please send me a friends request, my gt is lionheart1118 thanks in advance.


I don’t know about me being good but you can add me. I’m always up for games.


Same here.


im online get at me


I consider myself as an average player but I keep training to become better. Count me in.


Anyone wanna play now? Pls I’m tired of droppers


beginner looking to get some friendly practice

I’ve been pretty much been doing my own thing in making rooms and putting games together, but since I’m a newcomer to 2D fighters(been playing VF5) some people I’ve come across have been pretty rude, trash talking me while they continue to beat me and sending me pretty discouraging messages. Could I play some games with some people on here in just friendly competition? My GT is averageHB. Post yours and I’ll add you next time I’m playing.


Sorry to hear people send you discouraging messages and act rude. It is xbox live though, there are quiet a bit of people who are like that. But on the other hand there are people who are the opposite.

If you want you can add me.


What’s your gamertag? You can add it in your profile so that it appears in your post, that way we can add you!