Super Sheep Tap: finger tapping and reaction training in cute disguise


Super Sheep Tap is an iPhone rhythm game. As the developer of the game, I would like to introduce this game to you guys here since it’s somehow a very nice finger training for fighting games xD.

I work in video game industry and I’m also an indie developer in spare time. Other than those, I like playing and watching fighting games the most. Super Sheep Tap was originally designed as a casual game for smart phone users (not gamers), but somehow during the development we tweaked the system and difficulty more and more towards the hardcore side.

When I play the game, I often feels like doing some training mode action. You have to tap the screen with correct number of fingers in rhythm. And when the speed gets really fast your reaction will be tested like hell.

The combo system in the game is also worth mentioning. Usually you don’t need to worry about specific timing, just keep tagging correctly and you’ll be good. But to compete with others high score, you can tap in certain frames of sheep’s jumping animation and get crazy score boost. It’s a risk and reward situation since certain frames can be very close to miss the sheep.

The game is released last month. And it’s currently in a FREE promotion so please try it if it looks interesting to you.

I’m very curious to see how well can fighting game players do in this game :smiley:


I think this game may be a hit around here. :slight_smile: I’m a student of the industry, who currently has an iPhone game in development. Did you make your game by yourself? If not, how big is your team?

Thank you!
We have 3. All working in spare time.
Glad to see developers in FGC :slight_smile:

Great game, but holy fuck it gets intense fast. :tup:


Thanks! Don’t know how much the speed can help train reaction haha

Christ I have a dirty mind, I read the thread title as “finger FAPPING and reaction training in cute disguise.”

well clearly you had more fun before opening the post xD

This game is insane… but it’s cool, this might help me. Ibuki combos :X

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Got an Android version coming any time soon?

I think we will make a new version with much more content for both Android and iOS in the future. But probably not very soon.

Thank you for asking!

i bought this game last night pretty fun there is some random lag spikes when rolling with a big combo but only occurs once or twice during a match the game is really fun to sit and play for couple minutes sorta reminds me of that flash game where u stop the sheep and it tells you your reaction time good stuff