Super Sinix Design Thread


the upcoming pins look cool. Gouki FTW!


Thanks Cl581.

I made this design for a Haggar poster. I completely love his pipe combos, best MvC3 character.

I’ll post a picture of the real thing when I have it printed out. I might give some away too, we’ll see.


Mike Haggar - he lays pipe. ROFL!


that’s a dope Haggar poster. That would be a cool give away! XD


This thread is awesome. Haggar’s boss. :tup:


Sinux, you’re awesome! Seriously, from the sprites to dudley pringles and now haggar. Is there anything you can’t do?

I reposted your haggar on tumblr, with credit directing to this thread. My friends and I are still laughing from the day haggar brutally murdered ryu with simple pipe hits and lariat. That picture just confirms the badassery that is haggar.


Thanks! I’m actually having some Haggar posters screen printed (to look extra badass). Definitely going to be giving a few away on twitter once those are finished.

Some more dumb stuff! Making double sided drawings to hang around places.
One for Morrigan:

And Felicia:

Probably try Hsien Ko next.

And more pins to celebrate AE coming out.

Also did some pins to be thrown at the winners of PowerUp 2011. This is an idea I want to experiment with more… maybe some gold foil and other fanciness in the future.

P and S, I forgot something good!
Focus Attack selling these shirts now.


love the Morrigan and Felicia pics


Such a wide area of skill, so good.

Your characters feel heavily caricatured, which makes them look very unique and full of personality.

Those two sided pics are very cool, Felicia looks a little pig like hehe.


Ah wow! I love your art man… I’d totallyyy buy a Dormammu double sided pic… He’d be super cute in that style <33


Thanks guys! Sorry I didn’t get around to Dormammu. Just gonna post up a couple of the other drawings I did specifically for the double sided hangers. Then, I’ll get back to drawing some more dynamic stuff!


And also, some bonus text art.


very cool Morrigan/Felicia “hangers” & Evil Ryu/Oni pins.


Wow no worries on Dormammu… Love that Chun li. :smiley: Super cute Hsien-ko too.


Hi guys, more random stuff!

First off a wallpaper that I made while messing around with the FINISH ME 3rd strike contest, original art by Stan Lau, I just did some tweaking and a simple background. Click for 1920 x 1200 high res:

While I’m on that, here’s what I sent in for the contest, didn’t have time to polish it too much, but whatever:

Finally, I was messing around trying to create an image for a fuerte kidrobot mini:

Oh wait… on the topic of fake stuff. Been trolling around with this fake poster I made:



Some silly art shit I whipped up before heading for Evo:

Gootecks throwing blows instead of sticks

Also, I made these and handed out a couple just for evo, Mike Ross signed one for me to give it that extra punch.