Super Skrull Combos 2.0



Well Ender stated in the last thread that he wasn’t able to keep up with the combo thread so I’m going to go ahead and make a new thread with all of the combos accumulated thus far.

I’m going to break this down into super easy set-ups for new players, advanced combos, resets, and assist combos by character.

Thank you to Everyone who contributed to the last thread; Ender for creating it, Trag, Viciou$, Honor Basquiat, and Neemo6. If you want you’re named noted by your combo just let me know and I’ll edit it in.

Trag Videos

Shiro_420 Videos

Basic Set-ups: Insanely easy stuff for the person brand new to Skrull
If you are new to Skrull and MvC3 in general, start here: Shoryuken’s MvC3 Super-Skrull Wiki
Skrull’s standard magic series is :l::m::h::s: Jump :m::m::h::s:

[*]Meteor Smash >> Inferno

[*] Rolling Hook >> Meteor Smash >> Inferno

[*]:l::m::h::s: >> :m::m: Tenderizer >> Inferno (note: this combo works in corner, if not in corner, cancel tenderizer into inferno before the LAST hit that would send them flying)

[*]Elastic Slam >> L Tenderizer >> Skull Torch (input hyper after final ground bounce of tenderizer)

[*]:l::m:c.:h::s: >> :m::m::h::s: >> Land >> :l:Tenderizer >> Skrull Torch

[*]:l::m::h::s: >> :m::m::h: >> Inferno

Advanced Combos

[*]Elastic Grab >> Dash >> Jump >> :d::h: (land) >> Dash >> :s: SJ :m::m::h::s: (land) Meteor Smash xx Inferno (534,100 dmg)

[*]:d: [ :m: :h: ] :s: (delay) SJ, :h: :s: (airdash) :d: :h: Land, Dash :s: SJ, :m::m::h::s: Meteor Drop >> Inferno (730,000)

[*]Forward Throw > Dash > :s: SJ :m::m::h::s: (land) Meteor Smash >> Inferno (484,300) -Corner Only

[*]c.:m:c.:h::s: SJ :m::m::h::s: Dash :d::h: Dash :s: SJ :m::m::h::s: >> Meteor Smash >> Inferno (724,200)

[*] c.:m:c.:h::s: (sj.:s: >> Airdash >> :d::h: >> land >> dash :s:)x3, sj.:ub::s: >> Airdash >> :d::h: >> land >> Inferno (788,400)

[*] j.:s: :l::m:c.:h::s: >> :m::m::h::s: >> Dash >> Jump >> :d::h: >> Dash >> :s: :m::m::h::s: >> Death Penalty (~911,000) (Seyu combo)

[*] c.:m:c.:h::s: SJ :m::m::h::s: Dash :d::h: Dash :s: SJ :m::m::h::s: >> Death Penalty (Variation of Seyu’s above)



[media=youtube]XHduUp1FT_8"[/media] -aer0blue
[media=youtube]XaO6c7ZzsPw"[/media] -aer0blue

[*] s.:l:s.:m:s.:h: >> c.:l: >> :h:Elastic Slam >> :l:Tenderizer >> Skrull Torch

[*] c.:l: c.:m: c.:h::s: >> :m::m::h::s: >> Meteor Smash >> Inferno (638,000) >> Back Dash >> :h:Elastic Slam >> Dash >> Jump >> :d::h: >> :s: >> :m::m::h::s: >> Meteor Smash >> Inferno (534,100) (only works if air recovery is back)


Skrull Combos With Assists

with Dormammu:
[*]:l::m::d::h::s: SJ :m::m::h::s: (land) (dash) [(Jump.Airdash)+(Purification)] :d::h: (land) Meteor Smash >> Inferno

with Skrull, Wesker, Hulk order
[*]Rolling Hook >> Meteor Smash >> Inferno >> Rhino Charge >> :a1::df::h:, Delayed :s: >> SJ :m::m::h::d::s: >> :m::m::h::s: >> Gamma Wave >> Gamma Crush >> Inferno/or/Death Penalty (1,050,000/ 1,350,000 damage) -Thanks Correa

Corner Only:
with X-23 Ankle Slicer assist or other OTG assist:
[*]:l::m::h: :d::h: :s: SJ :m::m::h::s: (land) OTG Assist > Stone Smite > :s: SJ :m::m::h::s: >> Meteor Smash >> inferno (715,000)






Fantastic job SShosh! I’ll be on the lab working on new stuff, if I come up with anything I’ll be sure to post it here! Can’t wait to see what else we can cook up!


Whoa, thanks for compiling all of this!


You missed a Gamma Crush after the Gamma Wave in the Wesker/Hulk combo. The damage is 1,050,000 with Inferno or 1,350,000 with Death Penalty (+/- about 100k, depending on how late you cancel the first Inferno and the Gamma Crush).

Also, the first combo in the Advanced Combos section should have a second dash after the :d::h:(land) part, before the launcher.

Other than that, good job on organizing everything, it looks great.


Later I’ll post some videos of these combos that are posted being implemented. Honestly, I’m lazy and don’t know if I want to do a bunch of editing, as in a video for each combo, but I will most defiantly time stamp some of these combos from some training session videos I’ll upload, it would be ideal to have a video for each one of these combos.


Wow great job SShosh!


Updated! Thanks Correa, and thanks guys; we had so many combos scattered across the board we needed to consolidate. Keep on posting anything you come up with, I’d like to be able to list each combo and variations of them together to give Skrull players a better understanding of the options Kl’rt has.

Also aer0blue could you (if you have the time) get me some of the notations of your reset vids? Maybe just some general ones or just a good explanation of how they work and what a player should look for in setting them up? I think it would be a great addition to your videos (which are great btw)


Updated: Shiro_420 videos added, nice work!


Anyone know any X-Factor Cancel Skrull combos?


I haven’t found a need for an X-factor cancel, he does so much damage as is. You can just tack it onto combos, like before any of his lvl 3 set ups.


Definitely has some of the best style of all the chars.


I’ll try and see if i can improve on the 3’d skrull combo ^^


I’m thinking you can probably get another S in there instead of inferno, which could probably lead to a meteor smash, maybe a :d::h:, or a lvl 3? I can’t test it cause I’ll be honest, I’m still having trouble landing that dash S on alot of skrull’s combos lol


I figured out a comb that kinda combines 3 and 5. Basically like this 1 :h: :s: :m::m::h::s: Stonesmite Rolling Hook X factor dash :s: (loop once) dash C. :m:

from here you can either go for H elastic slam to whatever or air throw to level 3 lol

Haven’t gotten it down yet but I will…


Just found out you don’t need to xfactor after stone smite i the corner. pretty cooool


Get me a good finished product, Im having trouble deciphering what part loops here. Is it like:

j.:h::s: >> Jump>> :m::m::h::s: >> Stonesmite >> Rolling Hook >> X-Factor >> Dash >> :s: >> Jump >> :s: >> Land >> c.:m: ???



Combo Redone and I think it looks a bit better this way



Wow epic reset combo.