Super Skrull Guide by Hi Im Nastyy



Finally I got it finished in all its glory. Had to make separate parts due to youtube unable to let me have vids longer than 20 minutes. Anyways, this guide covers what you should expect to see if wanted to pick up Skrull or needed some insight on him. Shout outs to Xavier for the “Xavier combo”, lol. Please leave feedback so it’ll help me make better videos in the future for Ultimate. Thanks.






AWESOME find on the Meteor Smash. I never noticed they could stay standing the same direction even when crossed up. O:


I appreciate the effort the vids are very informative except the combo sections. Why bother showing combos without listing their inputs? It’s tedious to figure it out one button at a time for ourselves and not specifying on whether they’re corner only or not and who they do and don’t work on as well makes them kind of worthless to watch. Also most of those combos are useless in a tournament because they do shitty damage and/or are spacing specific.

Wouldn’t it be best to just clearly show what his best bnb’s are? Look at top players they really only use 2 or 3 different combos generally and 1 or 2 others for specific stuff.


All you really had to do was ask him to just put the notation in captions. lol. That came across kinda “nasty” as my mother would put it.


Just saw this guide today, fantastic stuff! I played Skrull for a few weeks when Vanilla came out, and now I’m itching to get back to him. Except they’d call me Super Scrub. :slight_smile:


I don’t suppose you have transcripts for all of that :frowning:
I like to print out my combos and have them next to me.




This is great. I really love how your video explains so much in detail. I played Skrull at beginning of vanilla but he kinda faded for me. I suck and was only able to do command grab > tenderizer > torch. Recently picked up Ultimate and just seeing this video and reading the forum makes me want to pick skrull back up.

Can’t wait for ultimate version. You gotta find a way to put this information and the updated video on Skrull’s page of the Hyper Guide.

EDIT: I concur with above post about the combo transcripts. If you could post them within the post when you put it here in the forums, that would be most good. Most good. :slight_smile:


How much of the stuff in the guide still applies?


The problem with the combo transcripts is that I type them all down in Notepad, then I deleted it after I was done. I could always write down the ones that are probable in a real match rather than the ones that shows that this combos with that and etc…

I’m not a fan of reading input transcripts since I learn combos better by watching what timing the moves come out since transcripts don’t say anything about that.


I’m not to the point where advanced combos are even attainable for me. Is most of the base technology still applicable?

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Yeah the only thing that doesn’t work is the isedelica loop.


Updated OP with the latest versions including the just released Part 2 of the 2.0 version.


Da Skrull queen will be quite pleased =]


Haha indeed she will.


Vicious will be standing infront of the queen soon. as well as vidness nick cam and pain =) keep an eye on that PM box


awesome i am wondering if you can help me with the tiny delay in the stone smite timing once you jump up


Nice job dude.


Here is another guide, this one from eventhubs, that might be a nice compliment to your guide nasty. there’s some good stuff for people just starting out with skrull.


Only thing I see wrong is that Orbital Grudge is not used to apply pressure on defensive opponents, its used to keep aggressive opponents out.