Super skrull incoming character setups



What are some SOLO incoming character set ups you guys use? For an incoming character after you kill one and set ups after a snap back? Im curious to see what people do cuz i need help with this lol


I thought you were supposed to do Elastic slam against everyone since the arm has no hitbox. Also if someone is stupid enough to let super skrub have access to level 3 x-factor then you’ll land a hit eventually. Its nearly gauranteed.


Crossup standing H, Blocked Stone Dunk to Elastic H if advance guarded or Elastic L w/o advance guard, Elastic Arm to Elastic M or H.


If midscreen and x-factor isn’t activated yet you can creep up as they are coming in and do an up-elastic arm punch cancel into a cross up meteor smash, people catch on quick though so use it sparingly.


It depends on what assists you have also. I run skrull on point with drones/akuma. one of my setups is jump, call akuma and airdash over their head. they get crossed up and hit by akuma and you can confirm into a combo. its very easy and cheap.

with drones I like to use the elastic punch up while drones are coming. if they block the punch and fall under the drones you get two options. elastic grab M or H. if you guess right, you got em for a combo. otherwise drones will protect.

also you have the standing H that someone mentioned.

But again, it depends on your team and assists. unless you run XF3 super skrub. jk i learned skrull by playing him as anchor. but i loved him so much i made a team just for him.

But yeah, things like incoming setups take a while to figure out, and its one of those things that you figure out the more time you put into your team. the more you play your team the more youre forced to come up with new things.


this is where skrull shines most to me, if you just hit two of these in a row you could have possibly just set up a combo to kill their last after killing there previous two shortly before…

without assists you can;
dash s.:h: for a cross up, which is very good/dirty because it causes a groundbounce which does beats out a possible “trade”

another way to beat a trade would be to orbital grudge :qcf: :atk: because it has armor, and a :m: orbital grudge is safe on block

you can elastic slam :qcb::m::qcb::h: raw, a medium as soon as they have landed and a heavy if you think they will press a button/try to dash or fly/random super or special move because it will wiff if they dont leaving skrull very open to punishment

a safer way to :qcb::m::qcb::h: would be to hit them on incoming with :df::h: which puts them into blockstun so you can land a heavy elastic slam afterwords if they are in the air or if they get scared and start just blocking in the corner you can hit them with a medium elastic slam

you could also do :qcb::h:, XF, :qcb::m: - thats pretty tricky and I guess is an option select… for me :tup: because ill try to xfactor but instead I land a heavy elastic slam

also, its scrubby but you can just meteor smash and after they come up and if they dont back into the corner it will cross them up

or you could just use normals to put them in stun, there’s a string of normals you can use that will create an infinite block string unless they advancing guard

and then you can add assists that will create you own playstyle which I think is VERY important as this game progresses because people WILL learn how to block agaist lvl 3 xf skrull unless your really good

im going to have to try this, remember there are alot of setups where you can plan for a :l: elastic slam but if they advancing guard you should then use :m: elastic slam

I was going to mention this, but its to random for me… I have a question for YOU guys now!

is there a way you can hit confirm :df::h: into a combo? (without assists, dont give that secret tech away)


Thanks alot for tge info guys! Time to hit the lab…and to answer your question you can do Df::H into launch and start an air combo


Angled Elastic Punch does cancel to S, but will not connect unless close enough.

One of my tricks on incoming is to stand near the edge like I’m going to attempt the Crossup H, then backdash and M Elastic Slam.


I do this all the time. Also, it’s not really a mixup but I can time the opponent coming down so I hit with the the M Elastic Slam if they are downbacking. I think it’s inescapable if timed perfectly because you will grab downbackers and if they try to upback you will grab them out of pre-jump frames. I could be wrong though

My dirtiest incoming mixup works best midscreen and utilizes the slant shot assist. Basically, call slant shot and do a cross-up meteor smash on incoming. It is super dirty and I pretty much catch everyone with it. The bad thing is you really can’t do anything besides Inferno if you don’t want to pop XFC but you can atleast reset and that will get you the kill. Anyone with mobility can theoretically get out of it but it really is only escapable if they air dash, fly, or double jump forward or up-forward (things you typically don’t want to do on incoming in Marvel). Once you hit them once or twice with it, you can feint like you are going to do it and then get the mind games going :wink:


One that I love doing is cross up Rolling Hook. Mid screen you can use it to put your opponent into a ton of blockstun and go for a set up, in the corner it’s pretty much the same timing as cross under s.H.


Tired of getting bopped by super skrull.

Can anyone tell me how to get out of the air command grab after skrulls special without the use of double jump/air dash?
And ground/air command grab on incoming?


Hope you guys saw me do this on Rog yesterday.


i like to do that right after a corner inferno or death penalty. if they have a double jump or fly character i go for the air elastic slam


everytime i go against a point tron player i put skrull on point. tron vs skrull is the WORST matchup (on tron;s behalf). 95% of tron players just jump in the air using that spinning heavy 2 get a hit confirm while i simply use air elastic slam. if tron doesnt have beam assist you can wildly throw air elastic slams and more than likely nail them on her


You should post this in the Matchups thread.

Btw, I’m sure using Orbital Grudge would be better since you get more damage off it and you can hit others if they are in the way, but with the beam assist coming then use the Elastic Slam like you said to avoid it.


To me personally, it depends on the incoming character as to what mix-up I will attempt. Against characters without air-mobility options, I like the standing H, so long as they don’t have a high priority air move like the Mayor’s pipe. I use d/f H to elastic slam M_H or orbital grudge on those scary air moves.

Air d+H Is also nice as you can get it to cross-up sometimes.

Good old meteor smash isn’t bad either as it too can cross-up.


I’m looking into trying whiffed charged j.:s: into something else on the ground. Any ideas what to use?


^ s.L or throw?