Super-Skrull Mission Thread



Help with Mission 5 please!!!

It seems easy enough but how do you link Tenderizer to Skrull Torch? Every time I do it the dummy is too far away. Thanks in advance.


Ok, I figured it out if anyone still need help with this. The last hit of Tenderizer will launch the dummy into the air. Just get the timing down of when the last hit is going to come, and as soon as it does, immediately perform the hyper combo. Actually really easy to do. If you dont know the properties of the moves though, it can be challenging.


Mission #10 - Comboing the Pile Driver

The title speaks for itself, having troubles getting the pile driver to combo in. Is there some trick, like air dashing to get this to combo properly? I realize it is a corner only special.


These trials can be hard, so ask your questions here!

You can see the trials done [media=youtube]bDCUDNiJlQQ"[/media] (Thanks to Vesper Arcade)


Is that the :d: :h: part of the combo? If you’re talking about that move, then you have to do the Air combo right after the launch. So basically :s: then jump and do the rest as quick as possible so when you knock them to the ground you are above them.


why wait for people to ask questions? just explain the timing for the trials and then people know where to look.


It helped me out watching versper arcade’s trail missions being done. Finally figured that it needed the final bounce to cancel into skrull torch.


I haven’t completed them all yet. I just wanted to make a place where all questions could go so there aren’t several threads made asking for mission help.


I did this one last night. There is no secret air dashing to get it to trigger just be sure to super jump off of exchange quickly and do the M M H S quickly in the air as well. This will give you enough time in your fall animation to press down + H while they are (otg) on the ground and relaunch. Hope that helps.


I’m having trouble with the 10th trial. You’re supposed to finish the first air combo string with a down+H attack but I never have enough height (over the opponent) to pull off that move. If I start the combo from the launch I can pull it off, but not when adding the initial attacks before the launch. Any ideas? Does it have to do with the timing of starting the string after the launch or is it something else?


You’re supposed to jump after you land and do down+ :h:


It is possible to do the dive punch before landing, but you need to be high enough.


Actually your air combo timing after the launch is character specific. I went against a random all team in training last night and got X-23/Hsien/Viper and all of them, if you land the first j.M ASAP, you won’t be able to get your H, and/or they’ll reset in the air.


Is there a way to combo off of just a :d::h: cuz for sum reason i hit a lot of people like that. i would airdash and then do :d::h:


It’s a little tricky, but if you dash as soon as he hops back on the ground, you can follow it up. I usually use :m: after the dash since it comes out quickly and allows you to combo into the launcher. So, it’d be like j.:d::h:, :atk::atk:(dash), :m:, :s:, air combo, etc.


I’ve tried it as many times as I can. For me it only worked once you land then jump and do the dive punch.


How the heck is Mission 10 done in Ultimate? I can’t land the 2nd j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: string


Well, here’s what helped me getting the timing down: delay the air dash after your jump a little bit, but press :m: immediately after the air dash input. I agree that this is the hardest part of the combo. Still not as frustrating as pressing the wrong buttons for Death Penalty because you’re so excited that you’ve gotten that far :smokin:


Oh, don’t worry. I screw up the easiest part of every hard combo because I get excited.


Ha! My god you know my Pain!
I got the game yesterday, and finally managed to finish my 1st characters Missions just now.
I was on Mission 10 for about 3-4 hours.
I didn’t even know I had to use M+H Death Penalty. (Why the hell do you? I was using L+M and it was connecting but the list would reset and I was like WTF!
Took me 3 hours to notice it was M+H)

There’s a lot of aspects I had trouble with with that one.
Flame Kick > Grunge Wheel (?) gave me a ton of hassle, I couldn’t even do it starting from Flame kick.
**I just wouldn’t come out!**I ended up figuring out a way, by doing ‘down’, ‘down-right’, ‘right’, ‘up-right’ Hitting those 4 points made it come out. It’s really weird.

Granted: Doing the same combo for 4 hours made me REAL good at the timing required for the whole lot. =)