Super skrull resets!

Hey guys I want to try and keep this organized, so please post your best Skrull Resets (elastic slam, regular grab crossups etc) and try not to fall off topic lol. So if you have some nasty resets (especially solo no assist needed ones) please help the Skrull army grow stronger!!

honestly skrull is one of those characters that the resets are unlimited, he has so many otg’s and wall bounces that you can trick the opppnet to not knowing whats a ground bounce and reset him, i mean anytime they you do more then 1 ground bounce they reset and you can command grab them, there are others where you can jugle them with c lp or foward hp and grab them again. hit the lab and check it out i know i got about 5-7 ill resets and a couple that are

resets end up coming down to reading your opponent and capitalizing on there mistakes, since skrull isn’t used a lot i rather not share that way when i go to a tourney i can blow them up.

Yea i see what u mean, Skrull is uncommon here on the east coast and I do want to surprise ppl when I go to a Big Two tourney, but think about it what are the chances that non Skrull users are going to read this thread? I’m doing this so that all of the Skrull users have a place to go to up their reset game. We already have a combo thread and for a character like this with billions of resets I felt it is needed for all of us to come together and share our tech so we can all practice them

These all lead to reset options

st.l, st.M, cr.m,st.h,(wait a few seconds),st.l,st.m,cr.m

st.l, st.M, cr.m,st.h,heavy tenderizers,

st.l,st.m,cr.m,cr.H,S, sj.m,sj.m,sj h

and inferno obliviously

My guide covers pretty much all the resets he can do alone, but here’s some simple ones that I can quickly put down:
:l::m::h::s: air :m::m::h::s:, Meteor Smash, :h: Elastic Grab
Brutal Pile Bunker, dash, St. :m: Cr. :m:, :h: Elastic Grab.

ground series > air :m::h:> Stone Dunk (charged air S) > stuff
j.:d::h: > dash > c:m: > dash under > s:l: > stuff

stuff > Meteor Smash > Inferno > dash fwd. > assist + :qcf::h: (option select ES if they tech fwd. or Orbital Grudge)

St.L,St.M,Cr.M,Cr.H,S,air series,Stone Smite,Stone dunk,Dwn fwd, H eslam if tech back

Not really necessary to have a separate thread for reset technology, this should go in the combo thread and I think it’s time for Super Skrull Combos 3.0, where as a community we pick the best ones (8 or so) including BnBs, assist support, XF, etc. and theory craft from there. I’d totally be down for doing the leg work for a new combo/reset thread.