Super Skrull UMvC3 Changes thread!



So while watching the stream I was trying to tell the changes they made to him. It seems elastic slam does less damage while his normals actually do a bit more. It also seems his normals on the ground move him forward more too. Anything else people have noticed?


If it’s true that elastic slam actually does less damage than fuck that, he couldn’t even get to 600k before.

As we all know my know, meteor smash can be performed in the air, I’m looking to hear how Vidness, Karst and some of the other respectable Skrull’s at this forum would incorporate that into combos.

Air X-Factor means double Inferno which is a big deal, inferno does really good damage.


The Elastic slam nerf isn’t enough to stop me, I did not know about meteor smash in the air, that makes me happy. and double inferno is also quite godlike I won’t lie.


Are you sure elastic slam does less damage, the lifebars are different. Who Skrull was fighting may have also played a part in that.


Hmmm air meteor smash, intriguing…Definitely tryin to see what else is good w/ him when I go to evo.


Does the air meteor smash automatically drag people to the ground?

All I see off that besides more mind games/making some of his whiffs ‘safe’ is double meteor smashes at the end of combos.


on a crouching Sent
j.:h:, j.:s:, c.:l:, c.:m:, c:h:, :s:, sj. :h::s:, airdash d+:h:, dash, :s:, sj.:m::m::h::s:, Wesker Samurai Edge, Stone Smite, :s:, sj.:s:, air Meteor Smash xx Skrull Torch (aim up) xx aXFC xx air Meteor Smash xx Inferno
…should work. we’ll see

i posted this in the main thread, Skrulls Orbital Grudge assist no longer causes a soft knockdown. they flip out


I wonder if you can make a combo that utilizes something like s.:l:c.:m:c.:h: j.:m::m::h::s: land dash :uf: :d:+:h: dash :s: j.:m::m::h::s:land, dash+:a1: (something like chris gunfire or ryu tatsu) :uf: :d:+:h: dash? :s: j.:s: (air teleport) super. The air teleport should let you get a second relaunch and still combo into super easily.

I also think you can do something while in the air like :h: + :a1:, :f::d::df: :h: or :l:, if you do these two in rapid sussession you get a really good airgrab option select. If you air grab nothing happens other than free airgrab combo, if it fails assist comes out and you can teleport cross up or not for the assist. Alot of assist would let you combo the assist into at least inferno if it lands if you cross up, and if not your probably safe cause of assist coverage.


Skrull already has a practical 100% combo on a crouching Sentinel that does not use assists or X-factor.

And from:
"+ LVL3 causes massive stagger, allowing you to combo after it"
I have no idea how that works since the last hit of his Level 3 is a punch that sends them flying.


well, you could already combo off of lvl3 in the corner in vanilla, so maybe someone just hasn’t seen it yet and thinks it’s a change. we’ll see. I really like realplayers combo though, someone should check things out at evo


Like Ragna in BB


Please enlighten me because I can’t think of anything unless if using a level 3 falls into the realm of practical/reliable. Skrull does have some exclusive Sentinel resets, but he can hard drive out of them.


Some skrull changes that i don’t think were mentioned:

  1. orbital grudge assist does not cause soft knockdown anymore (works like how Akuma’s tatsu in Ultimate)
  2. New color: black and gray with Skrull having a darker shade of green (I am really diggin it it)

I cant really remember anything else noteworthy as I was spending most of my time playing with Firebrand and experimenting with the changes with other characters.


So after everything, all we know is air meteor smash, inferior orbital grudge, stagger after level 3, and new costume?


I think air meteor smash will make him a lot better, along with the overall balance changes and x factor regulation. Playing him now I kind of wish their was some way to use it in mid air. It will make for some super tricky left/right double crossups, along with a way to retreat and punish stuff you wouldn’t normally be able to because of being airborne.


Skrull sucks in the air so air meteor will be a big help. Skrull does great damage, has alot of life, great specials…but his problem is he’s the jan lee of mvc3 he’s too 1 dimensional so anyone with good rushdown owns him he needs a new move to help with that.


Hmm… Air meteor could be nice to get out of incoming mixups, granted 28 frames until invincibility is a pain. I’ve always been a tenderizer man myself, so the orbital grudge nerf doesn’t affect me much. Lvl3 stagger…not bad, now I have two chars that can combo anywhere after their lvl3s. I’m curious if his stomp now otgs or if it’s still a joke. I would love to not burn my otg after a e.s. And I also wonder if the m.s. Otg properties have changed, so that you have a few more frames to combo after landing one. I also wonder if Skrull gets pushed back all the way to fullscreen still on a back throw. Is jumping d.h cancelable? That’d be nice. And do his charge moves on the ground still remain only jump-cancelable? Air xf means Skrull is going to destroy assists! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!


what if you do air meteor smash and x factor off screen, then meteor smash again to a different place while you’re assist is out?

i mean i’m sure it’d be a terrible waste of x factor and all sorts of things, but LOL for reals at all the potential off screen movement.


skrull should have an 8way airdash for more mobility and it would be easier for him to get in.

maybe elastic slam doable in the air as long as you havent air dash yet otherwise it would be too OP.


hello. I dont post in the skrull threads usually, but I have played skrull since launch. I dont see this mentioned on here, but whem i played at EVO, and granted i only used skrull once, I wasnt able to OTG after an e.s. Could have been me playing with hardly any sleep, and lots of drinks, but all attempts at an OTG from e.s. failed. I tried to do the usual jump, air dash cancel with d+H, I also tried just the easy meteor strike into super just to see if it worked, and both failed.

Hopefully somebody else was able to land it, gonna be really disapointed if they made e.s. no longer do a hard knock down, bad enough they destroyed the haggar assist being viable.

also, it may be just me, but it seems like there is a tad less recovery on a whiffed e.s now as well.