Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii are very amused

Yeah, if characters other than Sheik able to do combos.


When are we gonna get some new info on this motherfucker?


TGS is here. Maybe it will have some news? crosses fingers

Hey I didn’t expect Captain Falcon to be able to work in Smash either, now he’s ranked 2nd tier in SSBM.

I want Nester in there…remember him? That spikey red haired kid from early Nintndo Power comics? Yeah…throw HIM in there.

According to Gamefaqs, Hideo Kojima interviewed Sakurai. Posted by Dark_zokie:


Hidechan’s site

Expect an update on Monday (Japan Time) , i think the TGS session will be updated.

Any kind souls can translate?

thanks in advance =]"

Posted by Xubelox at Gamefaqs:

“Nothing too interesting at all yet. One bit of good information that can be taken from this is that it sounds like there is no tentative release date beyond 2007, so that should put aside rumours of it being “early” 2007. By the sounds of it, we’re going to get more details soon.”

whats wrong with getting it early and relying on online updates???

and is downloadable characters really an impossible mission??

I want King Dedede damn it!

Bah…interviews are useless for finding out news anyway. I can’t remember the last time news about an anticipated game was released in an interview, especially with someone at Nintendo.

I’m sure it’s gonna go something like this:



When are we gonna get some new info on this motherfucker?



Since Captain N was brought up on this thread mostly by me due to a severe lack of anything else to talk about, the Captain N DVD set that includes seasons 1 and 2 finally has a release date, 2/13/07. DVDinsider who works for ‘Shout!’ the company that is putting the box set out says so here -

P.S. Still abso-freaking-lutly no new info on this game…

WAAAA! Want Megaman, Simon Belmont, Sora…

We’ll probably have to wait at least till the Wii comes out before we hear anything else. I don’t care if we don’t hear anything for a while so long as they get the game to be just as good as everyone wants it. I’m hoping that they can get a really good online system for it. Using the wi-fi on Mario Kart DS isn’t so great since you have no power over who you play.

Oh snap it won’t be too long until you can have Draqon Quest characters go up against Mario!

What, did you think it was new news about Super Smash Bros. Brawl or something? :rofl:

Between this and the DS Basketball game things are looking good for a Square character making it into Smash. Or this doesn’t make any difference… I dunno… just please no one mention characters from Final Fantasy 7… :rolleyes:

In my opinion, the square character with the best chance of making it in would have to be Geno from Mario RPG (Made by square for those few who don’t know).

Fuck Geno. As big a fan of Mario as I am (and I’m a big one,) Smash Bros is a crossover game, and we already have how many characters from the Mario Universe? Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and arguably Wario and Donkey Kong too.

If any Squeenix Character makes it to the game, it should be Frog (Chrono Trigger), Mog (Final Fantasy VI), or Rocket (Dragon Quest Monsters: Rocket Slime).


I didn’t say I wanted him, I’m just saying Geno is the most probable since the Geno fans tend to overshadow the rest of us, well, that and he was in an actual mario game, plus he has a lot of movelist potential.

it would be bad ass if nintendo got blizzard to make characters for them. Id fucking play a goblin

Thrall vs. Mario? Sign me up. If it’s HAL doing the characters, then they should add Jaina Proudmoore. The more perverse SSBM players know what I mean. :rofl:

If Square Enix does indeed put any of the Square characters in Brawl, it would probably be one of their more popular characters (whores). So I would put money on either Cloud or Chochobo. On the Enix side, who the heck knows.

I expect they are probably trying as we speak to get Brawl online, which means it definately won’t be out before Pokemon or Prime 3, so I expect either late summer or more probable winter of 2007.