Super Smash Bros. General 2.0 - Git Gud or Whine Trying


The Lucina Marth difference is really gaining traction. While Marth’s tippers are undeniably a powerhouse and put him in a better spot, Lucy’s lack of sourspots make her better against the likes of Rosalina (for killing Luma), edgeguard vulnerable characters like Cloud, and particularly lightweight characters like Bayonetta

Basically, Marth’s better in the neutral game (where a lot of the top tier characters need to be challenged to win) while Lucina is better at getting people to and keeping them in a disadvantage state (better against characters that have unorthodox neutrals)


Be glad you have a local at all. Mine is dead after today, as I mentioned above…:sad:

Don’t take anything for granted.


Incidentally, the reason I dropped the game in the first place was that the closest local I had was walking distance from my house, and they died. That left me with an hour drive every week, and I wasn’t making the type of money to do that regularly/didn’t have the type of schedule that allowed me to go in the first place.


Be glad you guys have/had locals at all


CG don’t forget that in a twist of hilarious irony, Elegant’s Luigi is preventing Fox players from actually playing the game, and ending matches in under two minutes, causing them to finally know what it feels like to have their bullshit turned back on them.

And, of course, FUCK CLOUD.

That said… I am thankful this game wasn’t handled by Capcpom… Fucking Sigma as DLC…

…The first motherfucker in the trailer ain’t even in the fucking game…


Kind of sad to realize I don’t have much urge to play fighting games right now, as most of the ones I’m eager for aren’t out yet.

Smash on Switch, Gundam Versus, Dissidia AC, and MVC4 all have my attention and none are available. A damn shame.


You should start discovering some underrated, unknown gems.

Look up Akatsuki Blitzkampf to start.


Under Night, KoF, GG… Lots of FGs out there that don’t require buying into Capcpom’s nonsense.


Lists Pocket Rumble, Dissidia, and Gundam Versus

Is told to stop focusing on capcpom so much

string developerPocketRumble = “CardboardRobot Games”;
string publisherDissidiaFFAC = “Square-Enix”;
string publisherGundamVersus= “Bandai-Namco”;



I’m up for playing Dissidia as well…just hoping the 3v3 isn’t the only option when it’s released stateside.


Squeenix should make Cloud DLC. I wonder if FF fans would take it up the butt like Capcpom fans do.


Too late for that. Cloud’s been Day One for a few years now (Games been out since 2015). They don’t do it DLC style as far as I can tell, instead doing a MOBA approach where they started with minimal roster and resources and have been adding stuff piece by piece. For free as far as I can tell.


Cool, CG. Any particular characters you’re interested in? I’m hoping to form some persistent teams.

My eyes are on Kain, Terra, Lightning, and Cloud based on match vids I’ve seen of the arcade version.


I’m too much of a fanboy, so I play the characters from the games I like

Kefka, Sephiroth, Ramza are all I plan on using. Past that, anyone that strikes a chord with me.

And of course, the kooky kabuki himself when he eventually drops


Ramza looks fun too. I just wish Agrias was in, would definitely play her all day er’ry day.


We should just be glad Orlandu isn’t included.

That level of broken would be like having MvC2 Magneto in SFIV


Even here you bitch about Sigma DLC, Jesus…


Ignoring po works better when people don’t quote him… so I’ll unfortunately respond.

po, stop being ridiculous. Cloud is a base character in Dissidia, just as CG said.

As for MVC4, I took my entertainment budget for next month and applied it to buying Sigma. I might even send capcpom’s office a picture of Sigma next to the extra $30 I spent on their special edition, with the words “purchased primarily to spite po pimpus, please keep up the good work!” written below that. That’s right; I treated making you angry as an entertainment expense. I don’t even know if I’ll use the character I just bought, but knowing you’re sitting there going “adklhjasflhjlkhadjh why is rick encouraging shitty-ass capcpomp fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck fuck rick” while you foam at the mouth like a rabid dog is all the satisfaction I need on the money I spent!


I have no response other than


Pretty good character variety in this one.
Believe it or not, there’s only two positive clips with Cloud, and one of them is pretty hilarious.