Super Smash Bros. General 2.0 - Git Gud or Whine Trying


We should just be glad Orlandu isn’t included.

That level of broken would be like having MvC2 Magneto in SFIV


Even here you bitch about Sigma DLC, Jesus…


Ignoring po works better when people don’t quote him… so I’ll unfortunately respond.

po, stop being ridiculous. Cloud is a base character in Dissidia, just as CG said.

As for MVC4, I took my entertainment budget for next month and applied it to buying Sigma. I might even send capcpom’s office a picture of Sigma next to the extra $30 I spent on their special edition, with the words “purchased primarily to spite po pimpus, please keep up the good work!” written below that. That’s right; I treated making you angry as an entertainment expense. I don’t even know if I’ll use the character I just bought, but knowing you’re sitting there going “adklhjasflhjlkhadjh why is rick encouraging shitty-ass capcpomp fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck fuck rick” while you foam at the mouth like a rabid dog is all the satisfaction I need on the money I spent!


I have no response other than


Pretty good character variety in this one.
Believe it or not, there’s only two positive clips with Cloud, and one of them is pretty hilarious.


From that video, “Shulk Hogan” has to be one of the better usernames I’ve seen. I immediately heard the British scientist’s voice, “Whatcha gonna do, when the Monado’s powah runs wild on you, brotha!?”


Ya so dead in here lol. I take a leave of absence for school, and then come in here to find inactivity lol.


No one plays this game.


No streams either.


Waiting for a Switch version before I bother.


This game sucks


This isn’t the SFV section…


Or the NRS section :bee:




At least injustice 2 is a complete game at launch


I didn’t say SFV was good either :razz:


@Mood4food77 @“Phantom Angel” @MarcOfTheBeast @LordWilliam1234 @EmblemLord

I’m still down for a session to play smash and chill at moods house. Drinks and sushi. Marc can get his rematch and I can meet you others that I never got to. Now that school is over for me wednesday.

Also @“po pimpus” when you coming down here. I aint forget about our set


I…uhhhh…don’t live there anymore

I have a new apartment though! Hopefully moving in 2 weeks


People struggling to come up with things to talk about, so here’s something

Nintendo, next time you make a Smash, take the NRS approach to clone characters and just make them ALL skins with voice overs and changes.


How many times do I have to say it, I’m not driving 2 hours to play casual Smash. :arazz: