Super Smash Bros. General 2.0 - Git Gud or Whine Trying


This game sucks


This isn’t the SFV section…


Or the NRS section :bee:




At least injustice 2 is a complete game at launch


I didn’t say SFV was good either :razz:


@Mood4food77 @“Phantom Angel” @MarcOfTheBeast @LordWilliam1234 @EmblemLord

I’m still down for a session to play smash and chill at moods house. Drinks and sushi. Marc can get his rematch and I can meet you others that I never got to. Now that school is over for me wednesday.

Also @“po pimpus” when you coming down here. I aint forget about our set


I…uhhhh…don’t live there anymore

I have a new apartment though! Hopefully moving in 2 weeks


People struggling to come up with things to talk about, so here’s something

Nintendo, next time you make a Smash, take the NRS approach to clone characters and just make them ALL skins with voice overs and changes.


How many times do I have to say it, I’m not driving 2 hours to play casual Smash. :arazz:


It’s only 2 hours if you go the speed limit :wink:


And make tons of skins for everyone.


and make keep away a viable strategy, with projectiles doing tons of shield damage and able to kill


Yup, when you play me again you’ll get a chance to find out exactly why.

Okay @dre37k I’m sure you probably have to take Summer classes to make up for the ones you failed in the Spring lol. My graduation was last Friday, so I’m down for whatever.

@“Phantom Angel” I’ll play you in street fighter.

@Mood4food77 Did you move closer to Manhattan?

Hey guys, I got some money to buy a Switch for graduation should I wait after E3 or buy it now with Zelda?


Im literally moving around the corner. I can move in on june 1st, just gotta sign the lease and im good


Wait for E3 Marc. The conference is in three weeks


I’m taking the 90-100 mph I usually do into account there.

Still too long for no payoff.


You’re just thinking about the game… It’ll be an experience. Have some fun meeting and hanging out with us. Not trying to pressure you, btw. If it’s too out of the way for your tastes, I understand.


Best character


@“po pimpus” @Colonel-Gilgamesh

I take back everything negative I’ve said about the show.


Overrated show.
Season 5 was the best season.