Super Smash Bros. General 2.0 - Git Gud or Whine Trying


Y’all not only killed this thread, but all of the FGC… I’m impressed, lol.


Po you brought down SRK by yourself. Now I have to go get Twitter or some stupid shitty app. Thanks Po!


You too, but we can still keep in touch. @UnSaxon51 I’ll get in touch with you on Steam.

Edit: Also, holy shit, po. Even in this community’s dying days, you have to act like this? Fucking stop. Just goddamn fucking stop, and for once show some dignity. I know that’s hard for you for whatever reason, but seriously. This is not the time or place. Knock it the hell off.




y’all forgot this was 2 stock


So…apparently ZeRo ain’t competing this year. Thoughts?


Thoughts? Sure. Good temporary riddance to that anti-Mii Fighter trash.


So someone fill me in… SRK was getting shut down?

Also zero ended his smash career. Hell forever be a smash god.


SRK was getting shut down, then after some feedback they decided to just migrate us to another host instead

When that’ll happen I don’t know


Too bad Po can comment on this with “everyone just needs to get good”, especially since it made ESPN worthy news. Bayo is breaking the game, the evidence is clear.


Im hearing a lot of babies crying.


Meanwhile, over in DBZF Town’s Internet Community:

“Cell is too OP he needs a nerf”

Recently in tournament:


Buncha pansies





Hype (hate new character limit)


I’m excited, and will be setting aside some money to buy it once I can. The Inklings should be a very creative fighting character concept!


I can’t afford a switch ATM. Hopefully that will change


Animated avatars are back.
I’ve waited years for Snake to assassinate Mario.


I’m hoping Inkling has a move that you can cover the stage to cause slipping and (more importantly) the ledge to stop people from ledge grabbing


The stage part sounds neat.
The ledge part sounds broken.