Super Smash Bros. General 2.0 - Git Gud or Whine Trying


If you’ve got some encouraging news on this front I’d be glad to hear it.


You know, with Link off the list, Zelda’s one of the only guys yet to have a moment in Competitive Smash 4 history.

At least of the real characters. Puff and Ganon don’t exist


Didn’t Ganon at least have one guy who was briefly making waves with him before dropping off significantly?


Ganon showed up at Civil War. Zelda… well, only Purple Guy uses her seriously and he rarely leaves Florida.

Nairo could probably do some damage with her, but he has too much at stake to bet it all on Zelda.


Put me down.


Okay. I’m not sure why you’d ask for that, but I’ll do as you asked:

Your spacing and attack timing are terrible.

You’re reliant on top-tiers and don’t know how to win without an autopilot character who can just flail away with KO moves nonstop at no risk.

Your user avatar sucks.

Your username is a terrible play upon words in the bi–

…What do you mean he didn’t mean ‘that kind’ of ‘put down’? Well, my mistake. I didn’t mean any of those things, Marc. You’re alright in my book.


marc learn your other characters moves.
villager has other things that aren’t slingshot and bowling ball.

thought of a new thread title.
no patches, cloud only, omega final destination or some junk like that idk


As usual, I’d love to join the league.
But my game time was already pretty limited BEFORE Breath of the Wild came out, so… yeah. That’s a no for me.


@Davidstar This is coming from a guy that stands on one side of the stage and throws pk freeze and pk fire, then tries to reverse grab into spike when you get close-c’mon man lol. I just beat up a Lucas players online, he quit after one match.

@dre37k beat me like 6 months ago, everyone thinks I’m cannon fodder lol.


Dre beat you 10-0 after so much talk from po

David is a pretty aggressive Lucas…


idk what i am, haven’t played smash since like october or november.


Oh my god! I guarantee to you that shit won’t happen again. You can even ask @dre37k.

This is exactly why we need to get a league going, because A LOT of you guys are just talking reckless. If you think @Davidstar Lucas is “aggressive”, then you probably thought I was a freaking Monster when I was giving you that work.


Except the fact i four stocked you our first two matches and then sat there for an hour while you kept playing

Also outplaced you at that tourbament


Oh yeah :slight_smile: . You remember that you exactly two stocked me on the first two matches and slacked off or “experimented” the rest of the time? Okay Rainman lol. You have photographic memory? Before you answer yes, this has never been proven to exist, so that you know.

So we didn’t go “even” @Mood4food77 lol? What are you talking about right now?


I stopped after those 2 cause i had a tournament match, lost that and then chilled for an hour and then we played

I basically pressed up b into gyroid cause i wanted to see how it interacted


Forum: Hey dre, will you obliterate @MarcOfTheBeast again if you had a rematch?

Dre: No doubt in my mind.


Also I’m down for the league.

I’m gonna get a wired connection soon


Daily reminder that Po denied an all expenses paid trip to NY because he didn’t want to be embarrassed by dre.


If I beat you are you going to write it off as you were “experimenting” lol?
@“po pimpus” dre has people in his crew with photographic memory; they experiment whenever it suits them. Yeah, don’t come up here Po, these guys are dangerous.


I do acknowledge that people occasionally do “sandbag” or experiment once they deem the opponent inferior to them. But that is why we have money matches or grudge matches.

No games. No playing around. You play to win. I suggest you and @Mood4food77 have a FT10 like me and you. I even had to put @“Phantom Angel” in his place lol XD. After that there will be no excuses. I’d also rematch you if you’d like. The result won’t change however. Maybe youd get a round or two at best.

Listen I know better than to “experiment” with you and @“po pimpus” . I know any minor victory will make ya feel like ya beat zero. But plz don’t even give po the slightest reassurance or support that his actions are justifiable. He is the king of empty trash talk. Hes been barking for so long, most of us here really are considering if he has a mental issue. Please bring him down here. After offering him a free trip and a prize, I honestly don’t know how else to get him down here for a lag free FT10. Hes ducking me and you know it. Thats why he sent you over to me, because he can’t fight his own battles. And that is why after you lost, he went into his closet for damn near 24 hours to contemplate his rebuttal.

Po is a fraud.

Po is a Jim

Po is by the definition the worst kind of smash player.