Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


If nintendo is getting this random, I can’t wait for the other characters. I just hopr this game doesn’t feel like molasses


Mr. Game & Watch and ROB The Robot aren’t random enough for you?

WFG’s final smash is hilarious.


I don’t even know what kind of oddball characters they could go to now
Captain N?


Some of those “attacks” that the Wii Fit Trainer does are rather… uhhhh… Yeah she would get the D.


No. I think they made sense. And thinking about it…WFT makes sense.


Villager’s projectile catch is sick.


yes it is…anybody who’s projectile heavy will probably have to take him seriously. Having a full blast charge shot from Megaman or Samus in my pocket to use whenever I feel like it if I catch it sounds beastly.


That shovel is broken. Calling it now


best suitible guests are Crash and Spyro, maybe Bomberman


it has been a while since I played Smash but those “put you in a hole” effect… you can’t mash out of that right? I remember that shit was mad annoying.


id give my left nut for captain n


Yes you can mash out of it…you’re not gonna go anywhere for atleast a second but you can get out quicker by mashing.


Let’s go Richter Belmont.


You know what is one of the more hype things I’m excited for about this game? How the FUCK are they gonna top Brawl’s soundtrack?



^ don’t see any tripping in that footage…anyone else?


Someone pointed out that MM’s down smash(?) at 0:14 did 45%.

#27 I wonder if Nintendo would reveal all those characters by the end of E3, if this was real


Was it charged?


I’m wondering how Villager’s Forward smash Tree chop works. That could make for a good edge guarding move if it’s done in the way i’m thinking.