Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


Kinda hard for him to be in marvel when the company doesn’t even seem to put the real version of him in any of the fighting games.


I just want more Donkey Kong representation. This is bullshit in extremes. Although I’m glad it’s Nintendo’s Megaman and not any of that Megaman X bullshit.


Mega Man X got his start on SNES, so…

Although, thinking about it… Smash has been in “development” since the Wii U was announced back in 2011. That means that it predates the release of Ultimate MvC3. Maybe the reason Capcom didn’t put Mega Man in is because Sakurai wanted him for Smash? Not the best excuse, but not an impossible one either.


I feel like Shovel Knight would fit into smash even though its not a Nintendo property. A more realistic option would be someone from Golden Sun, or possibly Advance Wars.


Fuck yeah Famicom/Advance Wars.


Advance Wars could actually use some representation I think. Who would you guys suggest? I’ve never played any of the games.


Hawke or Sami.


Regarding Advance Wars: Or maybe that guy whose CO Ability is “Power of Money”? He could be a paid DLC character! …Ow! Stop hitting me!

Regarding Mega Man: Sakurai is right. Mega Man is special. There aren’t too many third party characters who can claim to be iconic of the NES (and part of the SNES) era… he is one of those few. Mega Man’s inclusion is absolutely appropriate; if you were to ask various people to list games they deeply enjoy from that era and contributed to the system’s success, the Mega Man franchise would probably come up several times. I don’t immediately plan to play as him, but I’m very glad he’s on the roster.


it’s a little disappointing that there won’t be more characters


More characters than what? They haven’t revealed anything on what the final roster count is going to be.


I really hope Wii Fit Trainer is top tier. That character is ridiculous and I love it.

Also, why isn’t this in FGD?


Now now, let’s not open THAT can of worms in a relatively peaceful thread.


Because you don’t read the first post apparently.


If I could just pick one new character it would have to be

Princess Ruto
And throw in a Zoras Domain stage


My bad, I skipped right past that line in the OP. Carry on then.


Finally, been waiting forever for a new smash.


Cool trailer and Megaman hype aside, I’ve no hope for this game as long as Sakurai has any sort of final say.


Wii Fit trainer is an insta-main.

The sheer ridiculousness of her has won me over.

Sorry Cap, i’ve been with you since melee but you’re gonna have to move on down to second, Wii Fit Lady looks a lot more ***balanced***.


I wonder what additional Mega Man stages/music will be in the game. Maybe there will be a stage with vanishing blocks.


A Quickman stage? Sakurai no…