Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


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na DQX only came out in japan, and they remade DQ7 for 3DS.


As much as I like him I hope Falco gets kicked. I wouldn’t mind dropping young/toon Link for someone else


In his current state I’ll get rid of Ganondorf. I’d only keep him if he’s as nice his melee iteration. Old man ganon lost alot of steam.


Yeah, or @ least have the clones be an extra color/skin.


I’m hoping they actually put Daisy in the friggin’ game instead of making her a Palette Swap.


Don’t mind if they drop some of the older characters as long as my favorites (Samus, Kirby, Luigi and Marth) are still around.

Only outside of Japan, Square Enix still farms DQ for its legendary status within the home country but has left the publishing/distribution to Nintendo in Europe and North America for, counting the ports of older games, the last six or seven games. Lazy fucks.


After seeing the trailer and how much care went into Megaman’s design, I really think Nintendo could do a lot with the IP if they had control over it. Capcom clearly has no idea what to do with him (if they even care at this point), and his inclusion in Smash will breathe new life into the character’s fanbase.


As much as I like Ganondorf I think it’s about high time the old man retired, he was looking pretty crotchety in SSBB. I would love to have a complete new Zelda villain this time around despite how iconic Ganon was.


Who could replace him, though? Can’t really think of anyone who’d fit in Smash Bros…


Vati, Zant, that sexi top heavy Veran. etc.


They don’t have to replace him. Just give him a new moveset.


This fucking game is why hunter x hunter is still on chapter 340.

I HOPE they are done with the series.


The Final Boss of Skyward Sword would make the perfect replacement for Ganondorf, even has multiple forms if they wanted to use his lesser ones.


Megaman is essentially a Nintendo character anyway.

Nintendo deserves to have Megaman full time. Kind of like the Step Parent that turns out to be a much better guardian than the kid’s actual mother.


I’m loving how the attempt to make the Villager look innocent and cheerful ended up making him look a bit creepy and soulless.

Reminds me of Pac-Man in SFxT, hopefully Nintendo doesn’t do what Capcom did and take an incredibly awesome design and shit on it by making the character complete ass.

Also, I hope this is a working title and they add in a little subtitle.

Super Smash Bros. Tustle? Skirmish? Fight? Altercation? Bout? Fracas? Fisticuffs? Rumble? Battle Royale? Riot? Quarrel? Physical encounter?


oh the villager will not be ass. He will, however, get in that ass.


Will steal your soul




Well it’s not like I was going to sleep tonight anyway.

Also, Wii-Fit Trainer is 10/10, would smash.


didn’t sakurai say there weren’t gonna be as many characters as in brawl?


I loves me the campaign in brawl. It was a fun platformer/beat em up

Using megaman in that should be fun