Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


Yes you can mash out of it…you’re not gonna go anywhere for atleast a second but you can get out quicker by mashing.


Let’s go Richter Belmont.


You know what is one of the more hype things I’m excited for about this game? How the FUCK are they gonna top Brawl’s soundtrack?



^ don’t see any tripping in that footage…anyone else?


Someone pointed out that MM’s down smash(?) at 0:14 did 45%.

#27 I wonder if Nintendo would reveal all those characters by the end of E3, if this was real


Was it charged?


I’m wondering how Villager’s Forward smash Tree chop works. That could make for a good edge guarding move if it’s done in the way i’m thinking.


Also Wii Fit Lady (She needs a name) looks excellent. Good normals and U+B and a projectile that may be used to spike.


Bill reiser from contra with spray and flamethrower and simon belmont please

Also captain n…

This looks sweet


Doesn’t look charged to me. I don’t even know if it’s a smash attack.


IM assuming srk is his up b. If so, that recovery looks ass.

I have a feeling with all of villagers stuff, he will have no damage/knockback


I thought his up b was Rush. It reminds me a lot of Sonic’s recovery. Also I can’t believe they game MM top spin as an attack.


Sakurai needs to do what is right and have either Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright at minimum appear as assist trophies.


Give me Lucina.


RockB wit dem tumblr assits.

Moments like this is when I love the internet. :rofl: Still wishing they’ll put Bayonetta in. /Fingers crossed


RockB is posting some gifs/pictures having to do with the Villager from Tumbler in the SRK IRC chat. I’m gonna see if I can’t gather it all in one go. Some of this is funny.



I dunno how I feel about the title SH.

I feel like wii fit trainer is gonna have the roster in “Downward facing dog”


Wii Fit Trainer lol
Hope to see Sonic return, now that Nintendo has the rights to him for a few games.