Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


Thanks for this. All of them seem pretty easy to snag. You don’t even have to do single player to get anything. I’m wondering which stage will be quickest to kill opponents off of. Are there any smaller than FD/Omega mode stages?


Just to ask, is that list known to be good? Can anyone verify it either directly, or even “I saw someone do that and it’s real” or so on?


Maybe, maybe not, but I haven’tbeen able to find much if anything that deviates from it when I was perusing earlier


Dang it, now Po has access to the “Low Tier Hero” OS.


I saw a skimmed a similar list the other day on Reddit. They didn’t have the alternate unlocking methods for characters, nor did it have the stage unlock methods, but the match numbers and characters match up (I remembered Dr. Mario and Jiggs from the reddit list, matches up here).


Here’s the list according to Smashpedia, so make of that what you will

Character Special Unlock Matches number
Bowser Jr. Beat Classic Mode with Bowser on 7.0 difficulty or higher. 100
Dark Pit Beat Classic Mode 4 times. 50
Duck Hunt Beat Classic Mode 8 times. 110
Dr. Mario Beat Classic Mode as Mario. 60
Falco Beat Classic Mode for the first time. 20
Ganondorf Beat Classic Mode with Link or Zelda. 80
Jigglypuff Beat Classic Mode with a character using customizations. 120
Lucina Beat Classic Mode with Marth, Ike and Robin. 40
Mr. Game & Watch Beat Classic Mode 10 times. 90
Ness Beat Classic Mode 2 times. 10
R.O.B. Beat Classic Mode after obtaining 200 figures. 70
Wario Beat 100 Man Smash.[/details]


Fixed that for you.


Well, guess we’ll know in a day or two. Thanks for posting it!


po, I think I know how to handle my situation now regarding LW’s weeklong character.

As I have it narrowed down to 5, I believe I shall let you weigh in on the final cut, win or lose your matches with LW. Keep in mind, the reason behind this is to determine the True Horror Of Smash for LW, and I have presented evidence on why you should pick one over the other. I would like for you to present your recommendation and why.

I also ask you because I want a second opinion. Perhaps in your time in this thread, you have discovered the real one, or perhaps going through this thread again will lead you to it where I may have not seen. As it stands, I believe the evidence most strongly stands upon Mr. Game & Watch (I only went back 6 months), but again, another pair of eyes and another point of view may lead to a different result.


I, too believe that LW’s most hated character is Game & Watch.

However, I’m not sure if that should be his punishment yet…



Why are you teaming up on me now?!


Quiet you.

You have another character in mind? All I can do is pick his character.


He still thinks he’s gonna win, which has more consequences for me. Namely an avatar change for a month.


Okay, putting up one HP Fire Froakie on LW to win.


Yeah… I’m not takin’ bets against LW.


I’m betting Bious’ anal virginity on Po.



Is the pokemon bets for Po vs LW? is it Megaman vs Marth if that is true?


Yes, and that’s the idea. Though he’ll probably also swap to C. Falcon and Little Mac in the process.

I may swap out Marth at some point during the FT10 but that’s more because I’ve never used Marth and won’t really know what I’m doing with him. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude’s been around since Melee, and you’ve never used him.


Oh, come on, it’s just a little harmless fun!

Shove Murphy aside and make a bet. You already have a winning one against me as it is.

He doesn’t have projectiles. Unlike Space Animals and Link.

I’ve always liked him but I prefer having a projectile of some sort when using a character.