Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


I thought his up b was Rush. It reminds me a lot of Sonic’s recovery. Also I can’t believe they game MM top spin as an attack.


Sakurai needs to do what is right and have either Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright at minimum appear as assist trophies.


Give me Lucina.


RockB wit dem tumblr assits.

Moments like this is when I love the internet. :rofl: Still wishing they’ll put Bayonetta in. /Fingers crossed


RockB is posting some gifs/pictures having to do with the Villager from Tumbler in the SRK IRC chat. I’m gonna see if I can’t gather it all in one go. Some of this is funny.



I dunno how I feel about the title SH.

I feel like wii fit trainer is gonna have the roster in “Downward facing dog”


Wii Fit Trainer lol
Hope to see Sonic return, now that Nintendo has the rights to him for a few games.


The Villager lock screen is the best one. :lol:


If you guys come up with a better title then share it. I may use it. I made that title at the time of being disappointed with Wii Fit Trainer’s announcement but now I’m ok with it. Just wasn’t cool with the way how they handled the announcement.

Edit:…heh…probably could do a title based off the Villager.


Wii Fit Lady is hilarious, Mega Man is AMAZING, Snake probably won’t come back ever, Samus’s look and official picture are… well sucky compared to her past appearances.

Bring on Sonic!


Ah dang it, looks like I have to buy a WiiU too…

Mayn, if I was in Smash I’d Mario and I’d give WiiFit Girl a 1Up with my mushroom tip and let her bounce on my Yoshi… NAAAM SAAAYYAAAN!!>???


Wii Fit Girl… would you smash?

I’m so sorry. I’m really really sorry.


IIRC didn’t Sakurai say in the direct that each day of the week he’s going to be posting a picture from his desk? I’m watching the vid again to make sure. Yeah…He’s going to be posting a picture 5 days a week on miiverse. Oh man…he’s gonna troll the hell out of us.


Is there any way to use a gamecube controller on Wii-U?
Also wheres my Luigi


No you can’t use a GC controller on Wii U. I’d suggest getting aquainted with a Wii U pro controller. Either that or the classic controller pro.


Villager gonna be OP:


Time for some wishlists.



Work that magic Nintendo!


It looks like you can as long as this game has classic controller support.


Really hype for Smash on my 3DS.


Still looks a bit floaty, but on the flipside I didn’t see any tripping and looks like there’s more hitstun overall.

Looking forward to more vids. :smiley: