Super Smash Bros. General - Patience and Spacing....or Whine and Moan


While checking various movement speeds, also noticed something here:

Mewtwo has the third fastest air speed now. That isn’t so surprising.

Roy has the fourth fastest. ROY. Just… what?


You crossed the line Po. This is complaining about Sheik, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I have also screencapped the evidence, so you can’t get away with it:


You will be keeping your av for an extra week; until 12/12, to be precise. I recommend a penalty in the league if he does not comply this time.


her aerials are pretty lagless. no they aren’t as low as sheik’s but it’s not far behind. her projectile is scary as fuck as it allows almost any follow up. her grab maybe slow, but that range is nothing to scoff at. you can’t roll away from it like sheik. her recovery is just about as ridiculous as sheik’s. she has stupid KO power on top of her crazy speed and set ups. at least sheik has a hard time KOing and mostly has to rely on reads to get those KOs


At most tweak the top tiers a little bit but nerfs usually mean less fun. Just make the other characters more fun.


She doesn’t need buffs either. She’s perfectly fine.




ZSS is the most polarizing character in the game…



Shut up, nigga :rofl:. You love that word.


Yeah yeah, I know, but I can only threaten so much with this leash I have.


but it’s true. she’s more reason than sheik that a lot of the characters aren’t viable. she’s a zoning character’s worst match-up (most of the time).


Lol… Stop.


this guy doesn’t even know the bullshit of his own character


Sonic needs back throw. Give me the 1.0 backthrow please.


No, YOU don’t. You constantly exaggerate and overestimate a character’s abilities. Every other day, there’s a new “polarizing” character that needs to be nerfed.


On another note, this isn’t “new” or anything, but it’s just more reason to make sure you don’t miss a tech against Yoshi:

Found out about f-air jab-locking on complete accident last time I fought @owattjacob.


i’ve said the same 3 characters for a few months. ZSS, rosalina, and sheik. the best characters. most polarizing, etc. same characters for 3 months so no, it’s not a new character a day.

her reward compared to other characters is absurd. the fact she’s crazy mobile, a crazy combo game, and crazy KO power (maybe the best KO power in the game) is absurd when you look at some characters like DHD, zelda, and even palutena.

she actually gets more reward from a stray hit than sheik. she basically destroys any zoning character. Her up b KOs crazy low and links from up air (which is a crazy good move)



Lmao… This guy… What happened to Ryu and how polarizing you said he was? ZSS has the best KO power? You’re comparing her to Zelda and Palutena to prove your point?

Here’s what I need you to do: Play ZSS for a week. After that, let me know what you think.


It’s not complaining. You guys take everything seeningly negative and make it seem like a complaint.

Zss has a crazy punish game. The fact that any stray hit could lead to death is absurdly good. No other character has it as well as zss does.